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104 STAT. 4670 PUBLIC LAW 101-644—NOV. 29, 1990 "(B) The President of the Institute shall provide— "(i) for the deposit into the trust fund referred to in subparagraph (A)— "(I) of a capital contribution by the Institute in an amount equal to the amount of each Federal contribution; and "(II) any earnings on the funds deposited under this paragraph; or '; "(ii) for the reservation for the sole use of the Institute of any noncash, in-kind contributions of real or personal property, which property may at any time be converted to cash, which shall be deposited as a capital contribution into the trust fund referred to in subparagraph (A). "(C) If at any time the Institute withdraws any capital contribution (as described in subparagraph (B)(i)) made by the Institute to the trust fund referred to in subparagraph (A) or puts any property (as described in subparagraph (B)(ii)) to a use which is not for the sole benefit of the Institute, an amount equal to the value of the Federal contribution shall be withdrawn from such trust fund and returned to the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts. "(2) Interest deposited into the trust fund pursuant to paragraph (l)(B)(ii) may be periodically withdrawn and used, at the direction of the Board or its designee, to defray any expense associated with the operation of the Institute, including the expense of operations and maintenance, administration, academic and support personnel, community and student services programs, and technical assistance. "(3) For the purpose of complying with the contribution requirement of paragraph (1)(B), the Institute may use funds or in-kind contributions of real or personal property fairly valued which are made available from any private or tribal source, including interest earned by the funds invested under this subsection. In-kind contributions shall be other than fully depreciable property or property which is designated for addition to the permanent collection of the Museum and shall be valued according to the procedures established for such purpose by the Secretary of the Treasury. For purposes of this paragraph, all contributions, including in-kind and real estate, which are on-hand as of the date of enactment of this Act and which have been received after June 2, 1988, but which have not been included in computations under this provision shall be eligible for matching with Federal funds appropriated in any fiscal year. "(4) Amounts appropriated under section 1531(a) for use under this subsection shall be paid by the Secretary of the Treasury to the Institute as a Federal capital contribution equal to the amount of funds or the value of the in-kind contributions which the Institute demonstrates have been placed within the control of, or irrevocably committed to the use of, the Institute as a capital contribution of the Institute in accordance with this subsection. " (b) CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT ENDOWMENT.— "(1) In addition to the trust fund established under subsection (a), funds may be deposited into a trust fund maintained by the Institute at a federally insured banking or savings institution from the amount reserved for this subsection pursuant to sec-