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PUBLIC LAW 101-644—NOV. 29, 1990 104 STAT. 4671 tion 1531(a) for the purpose of establishing a separate special endowment for capital improvement (hereafter in this subsection referred to as the 'capital endowment fund') to pay expenses associated with site selection and preparation, site planning and architectural design and planning, new construction, materials and equipment procurement, renovation, alteration, repair, and other building and expansion costs of the Institute. "(2) The President of the Institute shall provide for the deposit into the capital endowment fund of a capital contribution by the Institute in an amount equal to the amount of each Federal contribution and any earnings on amounts in the capital endowment fund. "(3) Funds deposited by the Institute as a match for Federal contributions under paragraph (5) shall remain in the capital endowment fund for a period of not less than two years. If at any time the Institute withdraws any capital contribution to the capital endowment fund before the funds have been deposited for this two-year period, an equal amount of the Federal contribution shall be withdrawn from the capital endowment fund and returned to the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts. At the end of the two-year period, the entire principal and interest of the funds deposited for this period, including the Federal matching portion, shall accrue, without reservation, to the Institute and may be withdrawn, in whole or in part, to defray expenses associated with capital acquisition and improvement of the Institute referred to in paragraph (1). "(4) For the purpose of complying with the contribution requirement of paragraph (2), the Institute may use funds which are available from any private or tribal source. "(5) Subject to paragraph (3), amounts appropriated under section 1531(a) for use under this subsection shall be paid by the Secretary of the Treasury to the Institute as a Federal capital contribution equal to the amount which the Institute demonstrates has been placed within the control of, or irrevocably committed to the use of, the Institute and is available for deposit as a capital contribution of the Institute in accordance with this subsection. "(c) GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS.— (1) Funds in the trust funds described in subsections (a) and (b) shall be invested at a rate not less than that generally available for similar funds deposited at the same banking institution for the same period or periods of time. "(2) No part of the net earnings of the trust funds established under this section shall inure to the benefit of any private person. "(3) The President of the Institute shall provide for such other provisions governing the trust funds established under this section as may be necessary to protect the financial interest of the United States and to promote the purpose of this title as agreed to by the Secretary of the Treasury and the Board or its designee, including recordkeeping procedures for the investment of funds received under the trust fund established under subsection (b) and such other recordkeeping procedures for the expenditure of accumulated interest for the trust fund under subsection (a) as will allow the Secretary of the Treasury to audit and monitor activities under this section.". Investments. Records.