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104 STAT. 4712 PUBLIC LAW 101-645—NOV. 29, 1990 "(2) a description of the size and characteristics of the population of eligible persons; "(3) an identification of the need for the program in the community to be served; "(4) the identity of the proposed service provider or providers (which may be, or include, the applicant) and a statement of the qualifications of the provider or providers; "(5) a description of the supportive services that the applicant proposes to assure will be available for eligible persons; "(6) a description of the resources that are expected to be made available to provide the supportive services required by section 453; "(7) a description of the mechanisms for developing a housing and supportive services plan for each person and for monitoring each person's progress in meeting that plan; "(8) reasonable assurances satisfactory to the Secretary that the supportive services will be provided for the full term of the housing assistance under part 11, III, or IV, or a combination; and a certification from the applicant that it will fund the supportive services itself if the planned resources do not become available for any reason; "(9) a certification by the public official responsible for submitting the comprehensive housing affordability strategy under section 105 of the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act that the proposed activities are consistent with the approved housing strategy of the unit of general local government within which housing assistance under this subtitle will be provided; "(10) a plan for— "(A) in the case of rental housing assistance under part II, providing housing assistance; "(B) identifying and selecting eligible persons to participate, including a proposed definition of the term 'chronic problems with alcohol, other drugs, or both'; "(C) coordinating the provision of housing assistance and supportive services; "(D) ensuring that the service providers are providing supportive services adequate to meet the needs of the persons served; "(E) obtaining participation of eligible persons who have previously not been assisted under programs designed to assist the homeless or have been considered not capable of participation in these programs; this plan shall specifically address how homeless persons, as defined in section 103(a)(2)(C), (and the families of such persons) will be brought into the program; "(11) in the case of housing assistance under part III, identification of the specific structures that the recipient is proposing for rehabilitation and assistance; and "(12) in the case of housing assistance under part IV, identification of the nonprofit entity that will be the owner or lessor of the property, and identification of the specific structures in which the nonprofit entity proposes to house eligible persons.