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104 STAT. 4726 PUBLIC LAW 101-645—NOV. 29, 1990 Rural areas. Appropriation authorization. "(6) The Secretary may not make a grant under paragraph (1) unless an application for the grant is submitted to the Secretary and the application is in such form, is made in such manner, and contains such agreements, assurances, and information as the Secretary determines to be necessary to carry out this subsection. "(7) In making grants under paragraph (1), the Secretary shall take into account the needs of homeless children in rural areas. "(8) For the purpose of carrying out this subsection, there is authorized to be appropriated $5,000,000 for each of the fiscal years 1991 through 1993.". Subtitle B—Formula Grants to States for Assistance Regarding Transition From Homelessness 42 USC 290CC-21. 42 USC 290CC-22. SEC. 511. ESTABLISHMENT OF PROGRAM. Part C of title V of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 290cc- 21 et seq.) is amended to read as follows: "Part C—Projects for Assistance in Transition From Homelessness "SEC. 521. FORMULA GRANTS TO STATES. "For the purpose of carrying out section 522, the Secretary, acting through the Director of the National Institute of Mental Health, shall for each of the fiscal years 1991 through 1994 make an allotment for each State in an amount determined in accordance with section 524. The Secretary shall make payments, as grants, each such fiscal year to each State from the allotment for the State if the Secretary approves for the fiscal year involved an application submitted by the State pursuant to section 529. "SEC. 522. PURPOSE OF GRANTS. "(a) IN GENERAL.— The Secretary may not make pa3anents under section 521 unless the State involved agrees that the payments will be expended solely for making grants to political subdivisions of the State, and to nonprofit private entities (including community-based veterans organizations and other community organizations), for the purpose of providing the services specified in subsection (b) to individuals who— "(1)(A) are suffering from serious mental illness; or "(B) are suffering from serious mental illness and from substance abuse; and "(2) are homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless. "(b) SPECIFICATION OF SERVICES.—The services referred to in subsection (a) are— "(1) outreach services; "(2) screening and diagnostic treatment services; "(3) habilitation and rehabilitation services; "(4) community mental health services; "(5) alcohol or drug treatment services; "(6) staff training, including the training of individuals who work in shelters, mental health clinics, substance abuse pro-