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104 STAT. 4740 PUBLIC LAW 101-645—NOV. 29, 1990 "(B) professional development for educators and other school personnel that is designed to develop awareness and sensitivity to the needs of homeless children and homeless youths and the rights of such children and youths under this Act; "(C) the provision of referral services to homeless children and homeless youths for medical, dental, mental, and other health services; "(D) the provision of assistance to defray the excess cost of transportation for students not provided under section 722(e)(5) and not otherwise provided through Federal, State, or local funding, where necessary to enable students to attend the school selected under section 722(e)(3); "(E) the provision of developmentally appropriate early childhood programs for preschool age children; "(F) the provision of before- and after-school and summer programs for homeless children or homeless youths in which a teacher or other qualified individual provides tutoring, homework assistance, and supervision of educational activities; "(G) where necessary, the payment of fees and other costs associated with tracking, obtaining, and transferring records necessary to enroll homeless children or homeless youths in school, including birth certificates, immunization records, academic records, guardianship records, and evaluations for special programs or services; "(H) the provision of parent education and training to the parents of homeless children and homeless youths about the rights of and resources available to such children and youths; "(I) the development of coordination between schools and agencies providing services to homeless children and homeless youths; "(J) the provision of counseling, social work and psychological services, including violence counseling, and referrals for such services; "(K) activities to address the particular needs of homeless children and homeless youths that may arise from domestic violence; "(L) activities to develop and implement programs for school personnel to heighten the awareness of such personnel of the specific educational needs of runaway and homeless youths; "(M) the adaptation of space and the purchase of supplies for nonschool facilities made available under subsection (a)(2) to provide services under this subsection; "(N) the provision of school supplies to be distributed at the shelter or temporary housing facilities; and "(O) the provision of such other extraordinary or emergency assistance determined by the Secretary as essential to enable homeless children and youth to attend school. "(3) EuGiBiLTTY.— No State or local educational agency may receive a grant under this section unless the State in which the agency is located has submitted a State plan as required by section 722(e). " (c) AWARDS.—