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104 STAT. 4750 PUBLIC LAW 101-645—NOV. 29, 1990 Intergovernmental relations. Nonprofit orgemizations. "(1) the capacity of the eligible entity to administer the comprehensive program for which assistance is sought; "(2) the proximity of the entities and facilities associated with the program to the low-income families to be served by the program or the ability of the entity to provide mobile or offsite services; "(3) the ability of the eligible entity to coordinate and integrate its activities with State and local public agencies (such as agencies responsible for education, employment and training, health and mental health services, substance abuse services, social services, child care, nutrition, income assistance, housing and energy assistance, and other relevant services), with public or private non-profit agencies and organizations that have a demonstrated record of effectiveness in providing assistance to homeless families, and with appropriate nonprofit private organizations involved in the delivery of eligible support services; "(4) fiscal and administrative management of the eligible entity; "(5) the involvement of project participants and community representatives in the planning and operation of the program to the extent practicable; and "(6) the availability and proximity of comparable services provided by Community Action Agencies unless the Community Action Agency is the applicant and intends to expand existing services. " (e) REQUIREMENTS. — "(1) IN GENERAL.—Each eligible entity desiring to receive a grant under this section shall— "(A) have demonstrated effectiveness in providing or arranging for the provision of services such as those required under this section; "(B) to the maximum extent practicable, expand, coordinate, integrate, or contract with existing service providers, and avail itself of other resource and reimbursement mechanisms that may be used to provide services; and "(C) submit an application at such time in such manner and contaiining or accompanied by such information, including the information required under paragraph (2), as the Secretary shall reasonably require. "(2) APPLICATION. — Each application submitted under paragraph (IXO shall— "(A) identify the population and geographic location to be served by the program; "(B) provide assurances that services are closely related to the identifiable needs of the target population; "(C) provide assurances that each program will provide directly or arrange for the provision of intensive and comprehensive supportive services; "(D) identify the referral providers, agencies, and organizations that the program will use; (E) describe the method of furnishing services at offsite locations, if appropriate; "(F) describe the manner in which the services offered will be accessed through existing program providers to the extent that they are located in the immediate vicinity of the target population, or will contract with such providers for