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PUBLIC LAW 101-646—NOV. 29, 1990 104 STAT. 4781 projects in a manner that will ensure the long-term conservation of the coastal wetlands of Louisiana. (3) INTEGRATION OF EXISTING PLANS. —In developing the restoration plan, the Task Force shall seek to integrate the "Louisiana Comprehensive Coastal Wetlands Feasibility Study" conducted by the Secretary of the Army and the "Coeistal Wetlands Conservation and Restoration Plan" prepared by the State of Louisiana's Wetlands Conservation and Restoration Task Force. (4) ELEMENTS OP THE PLAN.— The restoration plan developed pursuant to this subsection shall include— (A) identification of the entire area in the State that contains coastal wetlands; (B) identification, by map or other means, of coastal areas in Louisiana in need of coastal wetlands restoration projects; (C) identification of high priority coastal wetlands restoration projects in Louisiana needed to address the areas identified in subparagraph (B) and that would provide for the long-term conservation of restored wetlands and dependent fish and wildlife populations; (D) a listing of such coastal wetlands restoration projects, in order of priority, to be submitted annually, incorporating any project identified previously in lists produced and submitted under subsection (a) of this section; (E) a detailed description of each proposed coastal wetlands restoration project, including a justification for including such project on the list; (F) the proposed activities to be carried out pursuant to each coastal wetlands restoration project; (G) the benefits to be realized by each such project; (H) an estimated timetable for completion of each coastal wetlands restoration project; (I) an estimate of the cost of each coastal wetlands res- . toration project; (J) identification of a lead Task Force member to undertake each proposed coastal wetlands restoration project listed in the plan; (K) consultation with the public and provision for public review during development of the plan; and (L) evaluation of the effectiveness of each coastal wetlands restoration project in achieving long-term solutions to arresting coastal wetlands loss in Louisiana. (5) PLAN MODIFICATION.— The Task Force may modify the restoration plan from time to time as necessary to carry out the purposes of this section. (6) PLAN SUBMISSION. —Upon completion of the restoration plan, the Secretary shall submit the plan to the Congress. The restoration plan shall become effective ninety days after the date of its submission to the Congress. (7) PLAN EVALUATION.— Not less than three years after the Reports, completion and submission of the restoration plan required by this subsection and at least every three years thereafter, the Task Force shall provide a report to the Congress containing a scientific evaluation of the effectiveness of the coastal wetlands restoration projects carried out under the plan in crea-