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PUBLIC LAW 101-647—NOV. 29, 1990 104 STAT. 4883 poration, in any capacity, might otherwise have under section 10(c) of this Act.'. 0)) NCUA AUTHORITY.— Section 207(b)(2) of the Federal Credit Union Act (12 U.S.C. 1787(b)(2)) is amended by redesignating subparagraph (I) (as so redesignated by section 202(b) of this Act) as subparagraph (J) and by inserting after subparagraph (H) (as added by such section) the following new subparagraph: " (I) SUBPOENA AUTHORITY. — "(i) IN GENERAL.—The Board may, as conservator or liquidating agent and for purposes of carrying out any power, authority, or duty with respect to an insured credit union (including determining any claim against the credit union and determining gind realizing upon any asset of any person in the course of collecting money due the credit union), exercise any power established under section 206(p), and the provisions of such section shall apply with respect to the exercise of any such power under this subparagraph in the same manner as such provisions apply under such section, "(ii) AUTHORITY OF BOARD.— A subpoena or subpoena duces tecum may be issued under clause (i) only by, or with the written approval of, the Board or their designees. "(iii) RULE OF CONSTRUCTION.— This subsection shall not be construed as limiting any rights that the Board, in any capacity, might otherwise have under section 206(p).". Subtitle D—Structural Reforms to Improve the Federal Response to Crimes Affecting Financial Institutions SEC. 2536. ESTABLISHMENT OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS CRIME UNIT 28 USC 509 note. AND OFFICE OF SPECIAL COUNSEL FOR FINANCIAL INSTITU- TIONS CRIME UNIT. (a) ESTABLISHMENT. —There is established within the Office of the Deputy Attorney General in the Department of Justice a Financial Institutions Fraud Unit to be headed by a special counsel (hereafter in this title referred to as the "Special Counsel"). (b) RESPONSIBILITY. — The Financial Institutions Fraud Unit and the Special Counsel shall be responsible to and shall report directly to the Deputy Attorney General. (c) SUNSET.— The provisions of this section shall cease to apply at the end of the 5-year period beginning on the date of the enactment of this Act. SEC. 2537. APPOINTMENT RESPONSIBILITIES AND COMPENSATION OF 28 USC 509 note. THE SPECIAL COUNSEL. (a) APPOINTMENT. —The Special Counsel shall be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. (b) RESPONSIBIUTIES.— The Special Counsel shall— (1) supervise and coordinate investigations and prosecutions within the Department of Justice of fraud and other criminal activity in and against the financial services industry, including, to the extent consistent with the independent counsel