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104 STAT. 4936 PUBLIC LAW 101-647—NOV. 29, 1990 "(9) any law authorizing the United States to obtain partition, or to recover possession, of property in which the United States holds title; or "(10) any provision of any other chapter of this title, except to the extent such provision is inconsistent with this chapter. "(d) PREEMPTION.— Th is chapter shall preempt State law to the extent such law is inconsistent with a provision of this chapter. " (e) EFFECT ON RIGHTS OF THE UNITED STATES UNDER FOREIGN AND INTERNATIONAL LAW. —T his chapter shall not be construed to curtail or limit the rights of the United States under foreign law, under a treaty or an international agreement, or otherwise under international law. "(f) APPLICABILITY OF FEDERAL RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE.— Except as provided otherwise in this chapter, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure shall apply with respect to actions and proceedings under this chapter. "§ 3004. Service of process; enforcement; notice "(a) MANNER OF SERVICE. —A complaint, notice, writ, or other process required to be served in an action or proceeding under this chapter shall be served in accordance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure unless otherwise provided in this chapter. "(b) NATIONWIDE ENFORCEMENT. —(1) Except as provided in paragraph (2)— "(A) any writ, order, judgment, or other process, including a summons and complaint, filed under this chapter may be served in any State; and "(B) such writ, order, or judgment may be enforced by the court issuing the writ, order, or process, regardless of where the person is served with the writ, order, or process. "(2) If the debtor so requests, within 20 days after receiving the notice described in section 3101(d) or 3202(b), the action or proceeding in which the writ, order, or judgment was issued shall be transferred to the district court for the district in which the debtor resides. "(c) NOTICE AND OTHER PROCESS. —At such time as counsel for the United States considers appropriate, but not later than the time a prejudgment or postjudgment remedy is put into effect under this chapter, counsel for the United States shall exercise reasonable diligence to serve on the debtor and any person who the United States believes, after exercising due diligence, has possession, custody, or control of the property, a copy of the application for such remedy, the order granting such remedy, and the notice required by section 3101(d) or 3202(b). "§ 3005. Application of chapter to judgments "This chapter shall not apply with respect to a judgment on a debt if such judgment is entered more than 10 years before the effective date of this chapter. " § 3006. Affidavit requirements "Any affidavit required of the United States by this chapter may be made on information and belief, if reliable and reasonably necessary, establishing with particularity, to the court's satisfaction, facts supporting the claim of the United States.