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104 STAT. 5036 PUBLIC LAW 101-649—NOV. 29, 1990 "(B) with full recognition of the constitutional right of the Senate to change such rules at any time, in the same manner as in the case of any other rule of the Senate, "(i) ANNUAL REPORT AND REVIEW. — "(1) ANNUAL REPORT.— Not later than March 1 of each year G)eginning with 1992), the Attorney General, after consultation with the appropriate agencies of the Government, shall submit a report to the Committees on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives and of the Senate on the operation of this section during the previous year. Each report shall include— "(A) a listing of the foreign states or parts thereof designated under this section, "(B) the number of nationals of each such state who have been granted temporary protected status under this section and their immigration status before being granted such status, and "(C) an explanation of the reasons why foreign states or parts thereof were designated under subsection (b)(1) and, with respect to foreign states or parts thereof previously designated, why the designation was terminated or extended under subsection (b)(3). "(2) COMMITTEE REPORT. —No later than 180 days after the date of receipt of such a report, the Committee on the Judiciary of each House of Congress shall report to its respective House such oversight findings and legislation as it deems appropriate.", (b) CLERICAL AMENDMENT.— The table of contents of such Act is amended by inserting after the item relating to section 244 the following new item: "Sec. 244A. Temporary protected status.". P®°P^®'? (c) No AFFECT ON EXECUTIVE ORDER 12711.— Notwithstanding Chfna ' ^ subsection (g) of section 244A of the Immigration and Nationality 8 USC 1254a Act (inserted by the amendment made by subsection (a)), such note. section shall not supercede or affect Executive Order 12711 (April 11, 1990, relating to policy implementation with respect to nationals of the People's Republic of China). 8 USC 1254a SEC. 303. SPECIAL TEMPORARY PROTECTED STATUS FOR SALVADORANS. (a) DESIGNATION. — (1) IN GENERAL. — El Salvador is hereby designated under section 244A(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, subject to the provisions of this section. (2) PERIOD OF DESIGNATION. —Such designation shall take effect on the date of the enactment of this section and shall remain in effect until the end of the 18-month period beginning January 1, 1991. (b) ALIENS ELIGIBLE. — (1) IN GENERAL.— In applying section 244A of the Immigration and Nationality Act pursuant to the designation under this section, subject to section 244A(c)(3) of such Act, an alien who is a national of El Salvador meets the requirements of section 244A(c)(l) of such Act only if— (A) the alien has been continuously physically present in the United States since September 19, 1990; (B) the alien is admissible as an immigrant, except as otherwise provided under section 244A(c)(2)(A) of such Act,