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PUBLIC LAW 101-649—NOV. 29, 1990 104 STAT. 5043 (iii) by striking "petition for"; (D) by striking the first sentence of subsection (f) and inserting the following: "An alien over 18 years of age who is residing in the United States pursuant to a lawful admission for permanent residence may file with the Attorney General a declaration of intention to become a citizen of the United States. Such a declaration shall be filed in duplicate and in a form prescribed by the Attorney General and shall be accompanied by an application prescribed and approved by the Attorney General.; (E) by redesignating subsection (f) as subsection (g); and (F) by striking subsections (c) through (e) and inserting the following: "(c) Hearings under section 336(a) on applications for naturalization shall be held at regular intervals specified by the Attorney General. "(d) Except as provided in subsection (e), an application for naturalization shall be filed in the office of the Attorney General. "(e) A person may file an application for naturalization other than in the office of the Attorney General, and an oath of allegiance administered other than in a public ceremony before the Attorney General or a court, if the Attorney General determines that the person has an illness or other disability which— "(1) is of a permanent nature and is sufficiently serious to prevent the person's personal appearance, or "(2) is of a nature which so incapacitates the person as to prevent him from personally appearing.". (13) Section 335 (8 U.S.C. 1146) is amended— 8 USC 1446. (A) by amending the heading to read as follows: "INVESTIGATION OF APPLICANTS; EXAMINATION OF APPLICATIONS"; (B) in subsection (a), by striking "At any time" and all that follows through "336(a)" and inserting "Before a person may be naturalized"; (C) in subsection (b)— (i) by striking "preliminary" each place it appears, (ii) in the first sentence, by striking "to any natureilization court" and all that follows through "to such court", (iii) by striking "any court exercising naturalization jurisdiction as specified in section 310 of this title" in the second sentence and inserting "any District C!ourt of the United States", and (iv) by striking "final hearing conducted by a naturalization court designated in section 310 of this title" in the third sentence and inserting "hearing conducted by an immigration officer under section 336(a); (D) in subsection (c)— (i) by striking "preliminary" each place it appears, and (ii) by striking "recommendation" and inserting "determination"; and (E) by amending subsections (d) through (f) to read as follows: "(d) The employee designated to conduct any such examination shall make a determination as to whether the application should be granted or denied, with reasons therefor. "(e) After an application for naturalization has been filed with the Attorney General, the applicant shall not be permitted to withdraw his application, except with the consent of the Attorney General. In