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104 STAT. 5126 PUBLIC LAW 101-650—DEC. 1, 1990 SEC. 413. DIRECTOR AND STAFF OF COMMISSION; EXPERTS AND CONSULTANTS. (a) DIRECTOR. —The Commission shall, without regard to section 5311(b) of title 5, United States Code, have a Director who shall be appointed by the Chairman and who shall be paid at a rate not to exceed the rate of basic pay payable for level V of the Executive Schedule under section 5316 of such title. (b) STAFF.— The Chairman of the Commission may appoint and fix the pay of such additional personnel as the Chairman finds necessary to enable the Commission to carry out its duties. Such personnel may be appointed without regard to the provisions of title 5, United States Code, governing appointments in the competitive service, and may be paid without regard to the provisions of chapter 51 and subchapter III of chapter 53 of such title relating to classification and General Schedule pay rates, except that the annual rate of pay for any individual so appointed may not exceed a rate equal to the annual rate of basic pay payable for GS-18 of the General Schedule under section 5332 of such title. (c) EXPERTS AND CONSULTANTS. — The Commission may procure temporary and intermittent services of experts and consultants under section 3109(b) of title 5, United States Code. SEC. 414. POWERS OF COMMISSION. (a) HEARINGS AND SESSIONS.—The Commission or, on authorization of the Commission, a member of the Commission may, for the purpose of carrying out this subtitle, hold such hearings, sit and act at such times and places, take such testimony, and receive such evidence, as the Commission considers appropriate. The Commission may administer oaths or affirmations to witnesses appearing before it. (b) OBTAINING OFFICIAL DATA.— The Commission may secure directly from any department, agency, or entity within the executive or judicial branch of the Federal Government information necessary to enable it to carry out this subtitle. Upon request of the Chairman of the Commission, the head of such department or agency shall furnish such information to the Commission. (c) FACILITIES AND SUPPORT SERVICES.—The Administrator of General Services shall provide to the Commission on a reimbursable basis such facilities and support services as the Commission may request. Upon request of the Commission, the head of any Federal agency is authorized to make any of the facilities and services of such agency available to the Commission to assist the Commission in carrying out its duties under this subtitle. (d) EXPENDITURES AND CONTRACTS.— The Commission or, on authorization of the Commission, a member of the Commission may make expenditures and enter into contracts for the procurement of such supplies, services, and property as the Commission or member considers appropriate for the purposes of carrying out the duties of the Commission. Such expenditures and contracts may be made only to such extent or in such amounts as are provided in appropriation Acts. (e) MAILS.— The Commission may use the United States mails in the same manner and under the same conditions as other departments and agencies of the United States. (f) GIFTS.— The Commission may accept, use, and dispose of gifts or donations of services or property.