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104 STAT. 5294 PROCLAMATION 6142—MAY 25, 1990 5514.31 5515.91 5801.25 5906.99 5514.32 5515.99 5801.26 5907.00 60 5514.33 5516.13 5801.31 percent of the 5514.39 5516.14 5801.32 column 1-general 5514.41 5516.22 5801.33 rate of duty 5514.42 5516.23 5801.35 applicable under 5514.43 5516.24 5801.36 the respective 5514.49 5516.43 5801.90 listed heading or 5515.11 5516.93 5802.30 subheading (CA) 5515.12 5801.10 5903.10 5515.21 5801.22 5903.20 5515.29 5801.23 5903.90 9905.02.10 Meat and edible meat offal of grouse, partridges, pheasants and squabs (provided for in subheading 0208.90.40] [See section G of this Annex (CA)] 9905.20.05 Frozen battered and breaded onion rings and chips (provided for in subheading 2004.90.90] [See section G of this Annex (CA]] 9905.20.10 Grape juice, not concentrated (provided for in subheading 2009.60.00] Free(CA) 9905.20.15 Juice of any single fruit, except fruits provided for elsewhere in heading 2009, not concentrated (provided for in subheading 2009.80.60) Free (CA) 9905.20.20 Mixtures of fruit juices, not concentrated, and concentrated mixtures of fruit juices containing not less than 50 percent by volume of pineapple juice (provided for in subheading 2009.90.40] Free (CA) 9905.28.10 Sodium azide (provided for in subheading 2850.00.50) Free (CA) 9905.29.05 Acetylene (provided for in subheading 2901.29) Free (CA) 9905.29.10 Tetradecabromodiphenoxybenzene (provided for in subheading 2909.30.40] Free (CA) 9905.29.15 Dioctyl diphenylamine (provided for in subheading 2921.44.50) Free (CA) 9905.29.20 N-(9-Fluorenylmethoxycarbonyloxy]succinimide [provided for in s ubheading 2925.19.50) Free (CA) 9905.29.25 Organo-silicon compounds, organo-phosphines, and benzeneboronic acid (phenylboron hydroxide) (provided for in heading 2931.00] Free (CA) 9905.29.30 N,N'- Carbonyldiimidazole (provided for in subheading 2933.29.50) Free (CA) 9905.29.35 2-(2'-Hydroxy-3 ',5 '- drtert-amylphenyl)benzotriazole, 2-(benzotriazol-2 -yl)-4,6 -bis(methylethyl-l -phenylethyl)phenol, and 2-(2'-hydroxy-5 '-methylphenyl]benzotriazole (provided for in subheading 2933.90) Free (CA) 9905.30.10 Aminocaproic acid, antibacterial creams containing sulfanilamide as the single active ingredient, antihistaminic agents in tablet form containing terfenadine as the single active ingredient, anthelmintic based on pyrantel pamoate or morantel tartarate for treating internal parasites in horses and in dairy and feed cattle, antimicrobial ointments other than sulfonamides for the treatment of vaginal yeast infections in animals, and laxatives for animals (provided for in su bheading 3004.90.60) Free (CA) 9905.34.10 Soap in the form of bars, cakes, molded pieces or shapes (provided for in subheading 3401.11.50) Free (CA) 9905.38.05 Caustic alkali liquid (black liquor) (provided for in subheading 3804.00.50] Free (CA) 9905.38.10 Gaseous mixtures of hydrogen sulfide and nitrogen, gaseous mixtures of nitric oxide and nitrogen, and phosphonium salts (provided for in subheading 3823.90) Free (CA) 9905.39.05 Bathtubs and showerstalls of plastics reinforced with glass fibers (provided for in subheading 3922.10] Free (CA) 9905.39.10 Facemasks and visors specially designed for headgear used in ice-hockey (provided for in subheading 3926.90.90] Free (CA)