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PROCLAMATION 6142—MAY 25, 1990 104 STAT. 5295 9905.40.10 Infant pacifiers of vulcanized rubber (provided for in subheading 4014.90.50) Free (CA) 9905.44.05 Plywood doorskins having a face ply of birch (provided for in subheading 4412.12.10) Free (CA) 9905.44.10 Pressure treated lumber, finger-jointed builders' joinery, and edge-glued lumber (provided for in subheading 4418.90.40).... Free (CA) 9905.44.15 Laminated hemlock post blanks, finger-jointed lumber, and edge-glued lumber (provided for in subheading 4421.90.90].... Free (CA) 9905.54.05 Nylon yam, single, untwisted or with a twist not exceeding 50 tums/m (provided for in subheading 5402.41.00) Free (CA) 9905.54.10 Yam, solely of polyurethane, single, untwisted, not on beams (provided for in subheading 5402.49.00) Free (CA) 9905.54.15 Nylon filament fabrics for typewriter and computer ribbons (provided for in subheading 5407.41.00) Free (CA) 9905.55.10 Aramid staple Hbers, not carded, combed or otherwise processed for spinning (provided for in subheading 5503.10.00) Free (CA) 9905.59.05 Transmission or conveyer belts suitable for use with the machinery of subheadings 8433.40, 8433.51, 8433.52, 8433.53, 8433.59, or 8436.80 (provided for in subheading 5910.00.10) Free (CA) 9905.59.10 Packing yarns with cores of glass fibers, whether or not incorporating a metal wire, covered with a textile wrapper (provided for in subheading 5911.90.00) Free (CA) 9905.61.05 Pants and shells for pants for use in ice hockey (provided for in subheadings 6114.30.30, 6210.40.10, or 6210.40.20) Free (CA) 9905.61.10 Gloves for use in ice hockey (provided for in subheadings 6116.93.20 or 6216.00.48) Free (CA) 9905.65.10 Headgear of reinforced or laminated plastics for use in ice hockey (provided for in subheading 6506.10.30) Free (CA) 9905.66.10 Canes specially designed for use by the blind and orthopedic canes (provided for in heading 6602.00.00) Free (CA) 9905.70.10 Yams and woven fabrics of electrically nonconductive continuous glass fiber filaments having a diameter of not less than 9.3 microns but not more than 10.7 microns, and impregnated, coated or covered with resorcinol formaldehyde latex (provided for in subheadings 7019.10.10, 7019.10.20, or 7019.20) Free (CA) 9905.73.05 Railway track switch heaters and parts thereof (provided for in subheading 7322.90.00) Free (CA) 9905.73.10 Treeball baskets (provided for in subheading 7326.20) Free (CA) 9905.73.15 Flush floor and duct systems (provided for in subheading 7326.90.90) Free (CA) 9905.82.10 Handles, incorporating a socket wrench, for mechanical automobile jacks (provided for in subheading 8204.11.00) Free (CA) 9905.83.05 Push-button combination doorlocks (provided for in subheading 8301.40.60) Free (CA) 9905.83.10 Parts of locks of a kind used for fumiture, and parts of pushbutton combination doorlocks (provided for in subheading 8301.60.00) Free (CA) 9905.84.05 Parts of pneumatic power engines and motors (provided for in subheading 8412.90) Free (CA) 9905.84.10 Soft ice-cream makers and dispensers (provided for in subheadings 8418.61.00 or 8418.69.00) Free (CA) 9905.84.15 Parts of filtering or purifying machinery and apparatus for gases of subheading 8421.39 (provided for in subheading 8421.99.00) Free (CA) 9905.84.20 Log loaders, and front-end loaders designed to be attached to tractors and suitable for use in agriculture, horticulture, or forestry (provided for in subheading 8428.90.00) Free (CA) 9905.84.25 Parts of pneumatic elevators and conveyors of subheading 8428.20, parts suitable for use solely or principally with grain augers of subheading 8428.39.00, and parts of frontend loaders designed to be attached to tractors and suitable for use in agriculture, horticulture or forestry (provided for in subheading 8431.39.00) Free (CA) 9905.84.30 Key cutting machinery (provided for in subheading 8460.90.00) Free (CA)