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PROCLAMATION 6162—JULY 23, 1990 104 STAT. 5331 and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and fifteenth. GEORGE BUSH Annex I I Notes: i 1. Bracketed matter is included to assist in the understanding of proclaimed modifications. 2. The following supersedes matter now in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTS). The subheadings and superior descriptions are set forth in columnar format, and material in such columns is inserted in the columns of the HTS designated "Heading/ Subheading", "Article Description", "Rates of Duty l-General", "Rates of Duty l-Special", and "Rates of Duty 2", respectively. Effective as to articles entered, or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption, on or after August 1, 1990: i (a) Subheading 0304.10.20 is superseded by: [Fish fillets...:] [Fresh or chilled:] "0304.10.10 Cod, cusk, haddock, pollock and Atlantic ocean perch (rosefish) 4.134((/kg Free (E,IL) 5.5$/kg 2.4(t/kg (CA) Hake [Urophycis spp.) 0304.10.30 4.134i(/kg Free (A.E.IL) 5.5(t/kg" 2.4(t/kg (CA) (b) Subheading 0304.20.40 is superseded by: [Fish fillets...:] | [Frozen fillets:] i [Other:] | " 0304.20.30 Cod, cusk, haddock, pollock and Atlantic ocean perch (rosefish).. 4.134(t/kg Free (E,IL) 5.5«t/kg 2.4.t/kg (CA) Hake [Urophycis spp.) 0304.20.50 4.134«t/kg Free (A,E,IL) 5.5<f/kg" 2.4<t/kg (CA) (c) Subheadings 0710.22.10 and 0710.22.35 are superseded and the following inserted in numerical sequence: [Vegetables...:] ^ [Leguminous vegetables...:] t [Beans...:] | [Not reduced in size:] | "Lima beans: 0710.22.10 If entered during | the period from | November 1 in any year to the following May 31, inclusive 5.2<t:/kg Free (A,E,IL) 7.7(t/kg 4.1$/kg (CA) 0710.22.15 Other 7.7^lkg Free (A,E,IL) 7.7 «r/kg 6.1(t/kg (CA) 0710.22.37 Other 7.7<t/kg Free (E,IL) 7.7(t:/kg" 6.1«t/kg (CA) (d) Subheadings 6406.10.75 and 6406.10.80 are superseded by: