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PRCXJLAMATION 6175—SEPT. 6, 1990 104 STAT. 5373 vate sector travel agents or tour operators of the host country. Nothing in this side letter shall obligate eiiher Party to open such offices in the territory of the other. Private and governmentally-owned commercial tourism enterprises shall be treated as private commercial enterprises fully subject to all applicable laws and regulations of the host country. Each Party shall ensure, within the scope of its legal authority, that any company owned, controlled or administered by that Party, or any joint venture therewith, which effectively controls a significant portion of the supply of any tourism or travel-related service in the territory of that Party shall provide those services to nationals and companies of the other Party in a fair and equitable manner and on a most-favorednation basis. Subject to applicable laws, nationals and companies of the United States and of Czechoslovakia shall be permitted to act as agents for United States, Czechoslovak, and third country providers of tourism and travel-related services in the territory of either Party. Nothing in this letter or in the Agreement on Trade Relations shall be construed to mean that tourism and travel-related services shall not receive the benefits from that Agreement as fully as all other industries and sectors. The Parties agree to give consideration to the negotiation of a separate -- agreement on toiirism and travel-related services. I have the honor of confirming that my Government shares this understanding, and that this exchange of letters constitutes an integral part of that Agreement. Sincerely, Andrej Barcak Minister of Foreign Trade Government of the Czechoslovak Federative Republic TERMS OF REFERENCE: THE U.S.- CZECHOSLOVAK JOINT COMMERCIAL COMMISSION The U.S.-Czechoslovak Joint Commercial Commission is established by the governments of Czechoslovakia and the United States to facilitate the development of commercial relations and related economic matters between the Czechoslovak Federative Republic and the United States of America. The Commission shall work and formulate recommendations on the basis of mutual consent. The Commission shall: — Review operation of The U.S.-Czechoslovak Trade Agreement and make recommendations for achieving its objectives in order to obtain the maximum benefit therefrom; — Exchange information about amendments and developments in the regulations of the United States and Czechoslovakia affecting trade under the U.S.-Czechoslovak Trade Agreement;