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BIO SUBJECT INDEX Maryland Metropolitan Washington Airports Act Amendments of 1991 2197 Monocacy National Battlefield, land acquisition 1634 Medals See Decorations, Medals, Awards Medicaid See Health and Health Care Memorials See National Parks, Monuments, Memorials Mental Health See Health and Health Care Minorities African American History Landmark Theme Study Act 485 Department of Veterans Affairs, Chief Minority Affairs Officer, designation 1671 Glass Ceiling Act of 1991 1081 Persian Gulf conflict, rebuilding of Kuwait, business contracts Ill Resolution Trust Corporation Funding Act of 1991 65 Resolution Trust Corporation Refinancing, Restructuring, and Improvement Act of 1991 1773 Superconducting Super Collider, business participation 532 Missouri Greer Spring Acquisition and Protection Act of 1991 1674 Gwen B. Giles Post Office Building, designation 1635 Land conveyance 146 Mongolia Most-favored-nation status, extension 1040 Montana Custer National Cemetery, designation 1631 Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, designation 1631 Motor Carriers See Transportation Motor Vehicles Advanced Motor Vehicle Research Award, establishment 2184 Intelligent Vehicle-Highway Systems Act of 1991 2189 Mountains Springer Mountain National Recreation Area, GA, designation 1668 Taconic Mountains Protection Act of 1991 300 Museums See Historic Preservation N • '•: • National Defense Defense Production Act Extension and Amendments of 1991 487 Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 1992 1150 Page Intelligence Authorization Act Fiscal Year 1991 429 Fiscal Year 1992 1260 Military Construction Appropriations Act, 1992 637 Military Construction Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1992 1508 Missile Defense Act of 1991 1321 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Years 1992 and 1993 1290 National Security Education Act of 1991 1271 National security energy program, supplemental appropriation authorization 121 Panama Canal Commission Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1992 1586 Soviet Nuclear Threat Reduction Act of 1991 1693 Warrant Officer Management Act 1491 National Forest System See Conservation National Parks, Monuments, Memorials Battlefields Monocacy National Battlefield, MS, land acquisition 1634 Stones River National Battlefield, TN, boundary change 1682 Cemeteries Custer National Cemetery, MT, designation 1631 National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona, operation and maintenance 983 Coosa Bald National Scenic Area, GA, designation 1668 Memorials Astronauts memorial, John F. Kennedy Space Center, FL, recognition 242 Pershing Hall Memorial, France, administrative jurisdiction 422 Monuments Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, MT, designation 1631 Ocmulgee National Monument, GA, land addition 325 Saguaro National Monument Expansion Act of 1991 303 Parks Morristown National Historical Park, land addition 586 National Railroad Passenger Corporation Twentieth anniversary, recognition 184 National Security See National Defense National Wildlife Refuge System See Conservation NATO Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty Implementation Act of 1991 1691 Natural Disasters See Disaster Assistance Natural Resources See Conservation