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105 STAT. 112 PUBLIC LAW 102-25—APR. 6, 1991 value of contracts and subcontracts awarded to firms from each such country. (B) Each such report shall also show (to the extent reasonably available) the number and percentage of contractors that are small businesses, and the number and percentage that are minority-owned businesses, among the total number of contracts awarded to United States. Each such report shall also show (to the extent reasonably available), with respect to each contract awarded to a United States firm, the number and percentage of persons employed (or expected to be employed) under the contract who are United States citizens, the number and percentage of all persons so employed (or expected to be so employed) who are United States citizens and are veterans, and the number of subcontractors under the contract that are small businesses and the number that are minority-owned businesses. (4) The first report under paragraph (1) shall be submitted not later than two months after the date of the enactment of this Act. The last such report shall be submitted 36 months after the first report. Saddam SEC. 607. SENSE OF CONGRESS REGARDING USE OF UNITED STATES Hussein. FUNDS FOR REBUILDING IRAQ It is the sense of Congress that none of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available by any provision of law may be obligated or expended, directly or indirectly, for the purpose of rebuilding Iraq while Saddam Hussein remains in power in Iraq. 10 USC 113 SEC. 608. WITHHOLDING OF PAYMENTS TO INDIRECT-HIRE CIVILIAN note. PERSONNEL OF NONPAYING PLEDGING NATIONS (a) GENERAL RULE.— Effective as of the end of the six-month period beginning on the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Defense shall withhold payments to any nonpa5ring pledging nation that would otherwise be paid as reimbursements for expenses of indirect-hire civilian personnel of the Department of Defense in that nation. (b) NoNPAYiNG PLEDGING NATION DEFINED.— For purposes of this section, the term "nonpaying pled^ng nation" means a foreign nation that has pledged to the United States that it will make contributions to assist the United States in defraying the incremental costs of Operation Desert Shield and which has not paid to the United States the full amount so pledged. (c) RELEASE OP WITHHELD AMOUNTS.— When a nation affected by subsection (a) has paid to the United States the full amount pledged, the Secretary of Defense shall release the amounts withheld from payment pursuant to subsection (a). (d) WAIVER AUTHORITY.—The Secretary of Defense may waive the requirement in subsection (a) upon certification to Congress that the waiver is required in the national security interests of the United States. SEC. 609. RELIEF FROM REQUIREMENTS FOR REDUCTIONS IN DEFENSE ACQUISITION WORKFORCE DURING FISCAL YEAR 1991 (a) The Secretary of Defense, in allocating to various installations and facilities the defense acquisition workforce reductions required for fiscal year 1991, should use the considerable flexibility concerning the manner in which those reductions are to be made that was provided to the Secretary by section 905 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1991 (Public Law 101-510; 104