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105 STAT. 128 PUBLIC LAW 102-26—APR. 9, 1991 Michigan. SEC. 8. ADMINISTRATIVE TREATMENT. The Secretary of Education shall treat the University of Detroit Mercy of Detroit, Michigan, as an eligible institution under part A of title III of the Act for purposes of section 356 of the Act for fiscal year 1991. SEC. 9. LOAN CERTIFICATION BY ELIGIBLE INSTITUTIONS. 20 USC 1078. Section 428(a)(2)(F) of the Act is amended to read as follows: "(F) Except as provided in subparagraph (D), an eligible institution may refuse to certify a statement which permits a student to receive a loan under this part or to certify a loan amount that is less than the student's determination of need (as determined under part F of this title), if the reason for such action is documented and provided in written form to each student so affected.". SEC. 10. STUDENT RIGHT-TO-KNOW AND CAMPUS SECURITY TECHNICAL AMENDMENTS. 20 USC 1092. (a) GRADUATION RATES.—Section 485(a)(l)(L) of the Act is amended by inserting "undergraduate" after "full-time". (b) CALCULATION OF RATES.—Section 485(a)(3) of the Act is amended— , _ (1) by inserting "and" at the end of subparagraph (A); (2) by striking "; and" at the end of subparagraph (B) and inserting a period; and (3) by striking subparagraph (C). (c) USE OF COMPARABLE DATA.— Section 485(a) of the Act is amended by adding at the end thereof the following new paragraph: "(5) The Secretary shall permit any institution of higher education that is a member of an athletic association or athletic conference that has voluntarily published completion or graduation rate data or has agreed to publish data that, in the opinion of the Secretary, is substantially comparable to the information required under this subsection, to use such data to satisfy the requirements of this subsection.". (d) SCHEDULE FOR DISCLOSURE. —Section 485(f)(1) of the Act is amended— (1) in the matter preceding subparagraph (A), by striking "September 1, 1991," and inserting "August 1, 1991,"; (2) in subparagraph (F)— (A) by striking "school year" and inserting "calendar year"; and (B) by striking "school years" and inserting "calendar years". (e) EFFECTIVE DATE.— Section 104(b) of the Student Right-to-Know 20 USC 1092 and Campus Security Act is amended to read as follows: "^o*®- "(b) EFFECTIVE DATE.—The report to the Secretary of Education required by the amendments made by this section shall be due on July 1, 1993, and annually thereafter, and shall cover the one-year period ending on June 30 of the preceding year.".