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105 STAT. 192 PUBLIC LAW 102-40—MAY 7, 1991 Rate "Position Mini- Maximum mum Service Chief (or in a comparable position as deter- $4,500 $15,000 mined by the Secretary). Chief of Staff or in an Executive Grade 14,500 25,000 Director Grade 0 25,000 "(B) For service in any of the following executive positions, the annual rate applicable to that position as follows: "Position Rate "Deputy Service Director $20,000 "Service Director 25,000 "Deputy Assistant Chief Medical Director 27,500 "Assistant Chief Medical Director 30,000 "Associate Deputy Chief Medical Director 35,000 "Deputy Chief Medical Director 40,000 "Chief Medical Director 45,000 "(C) For service by a physician who serves only a portion of a year in an executive position listed in subparagraph (A) or (B) or who serves a portion of a year in such a position and also serves a portion of that year in another position or grade for which special pay is provided under this section, the annual rate shall be calculated on the basis of the proportion of time served in the position or positions for which special pay is provided. "(5) For specialty certification or first board certification, $2,000, and for subspecialty certification or secondary board certification, an additional $500. "(6) For service in a specific geographic location with respect to which there are extraordinary difficulties in the recruitment or retention of qualified physicians in a specific category of physicians, an annual rate of not more than $17,000. "(7)(A) For service by a physician with exceptional qualifications within a specialty, an annual rate of not more than $15,000. "(B) Special pay under this paragraph may be paid to a physician only if the payment of such pay to that physician is approved by the Chief Medical Director personally and on a case-by-case basis and only to the extent that the rate paid under this paragraph, when added to the total of the rates paid to that physician under paragraphs (1) through (6), does not exceed the total rate that may be paid under those paragraphs to a physician with the same length of service, specialty, and position as the physician concerned. "§ 7434. Special pay: part-time physicians "(a) Subject to section 7431(e) of this title and subsection (b) of this section, special pay under this subchapter for physicians employed on a part-time basis shall be based on the special-pay factors and annual rates specified in section 7433 of this title. "(b) The annual rate of special pay paid to a physician employed on a part-time basis shall bear the same ratio to the annual rate that the physician would be paid under section 7433 (other than for full-time status) if the physician were employed on a full-time basis as the amount of part-time employment by the physician bears to full-time employment, except that such ratio may not exceed 3/4.