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105 STAT. 210 PUBLIC LAW 102-40—MAY 7, 1991 SEC. 305. TECHNICAL AMENDMENTS. (a) SECTION 3202. —Section 3202(d) is amended by striking out "an inmate" and inserting in lieu thereof "a patient". (b) SuBCHAPTEK HEADING. —(1) The heading of subchapter II of chapter 85 is amended by striking out "INMATE" and inserting in lieu thereof "PATIENT". (2) The item relating to such subchapter heading in the table of sections at the beginning of such chapter is amended by striking out "INMATE" and inserting in lieu thereof "PATIENT". TITLE IV—REORGANIZATION AND REDESIGNATION OF PARTS IV, V, AND VI OF TITLE 38 SEC. 401. FURTHER REVISION AND REORGANIZATION OF CHAPTER 73. (a) IN GENERAL.—Chapter 73 is amended as follows: (1) The heading of such chapter is amended to read as follows: "CHAPTER 73~VETERANS HEALTH ADMINISTRATION- ORGANIZATION AND FUNCTIONS". (2) Such chapter is amended— 38 USC 4151, (A) by striking out subchapter V; and Qfl TTQT' ^^^ ^y redesignating subchapter VI as subchapter IV. 4161 ^^^' ^^^ ^^^^ chapter is further amended by striking out the table 3g ugc of sections and subchapters I and II and inserting in lieu thereof 4101-4124. the following: "SUBCHAPTER I—ORGANIZATION "Sec. "7301. Functions of Veterans Hefdth Administration: in general. "7302. Functions of Veterans Health Administration: health-care personnel education and training programs. "7303. Functions of Veterans Health Administration: research programs. "7304. Regulations. "7305. Divisions of Veterans Health Administration. "7306. Office of the Chief Medical Director. "SUBCHAPTER II—GENERAL AUTHORITY AND ADMINISTRATION "7311. Quality assurance. "7312. Special medical advisory group. "7313. Advisory committees: affiliated institutions. "7314. Geriatric research, education, and clinical centers. "7315. Geriatrics and (Jerontology Advisory Committee. "7316. Mfilpractice and negligence suits: defense by United States. "7317. Hazardous research projects: indemnification of contractors. "SUBCHAPTER III—PATIENT RIGHTS "7331. Informed consent. "7332. Confidentiality of certain medical records. "7333. Nondiscrimination against alcohol and drug abusers and persons infected with human immunodeficiency virus. "7334. Regulations. "SUBCHAPTER IV—RESEARCH CORPORATIONS "7361. Authority to establish; status. "7362. Purpose of corporations. "7363. Board of directors; executive director. "7364. General powers. "7365. Applicable State law. "7366. Accountability and oversight. "7367. Report to Congress. "7368. Expiration of authority.