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105 STAT. 294 PUBLIC LAW 102-55 —JUNE 13, 1991 a report on the threats to oil supply, human health and the environment, that the Kuwaiti oil fires might pose and submit the reports to the appropriate committees of Congress within ten days of the date of enactment of this Act, pending receipt of a budget request, CHAPTER IV DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE ^ INTERNATIONAL TRADE ADMINISTRATION OPERATIONS AND ADMINISTRATION Of the funds appropriated under this heading in Public Law 101- 515 and Public Law 102-27, $159,325,000 shall be available to carry out export promotion programs notwithstanding the provisions of section 201 of Public law 99-64. THE JUDICIARY COURTS OF APPEALS, DISTRICT COURTS AND OTHER JUDICIAL SERVICES SALARIES AND EXPENSES (RESCISSION) Of the funds appropriated under this heading in Public Law 101- 515, $8,262,000 is hereby rescinded. DEFENDER SERVICES For an additional amount for "Defender Services", $8,000,000 to remain available until expended. CHAPTER V GENERAL PROVISIONS SEC. 501. No part of any appropriation contained in this Act shall remain available for obligation beyond the current fiscal year unless expressly so provided herein. SEC. 502. Funds made available in this Act, being incremental costs of "Operation Desert Storm" or offset, similar to items in the Dire Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act, Public Law 102-27, and the Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm Supplemental Appropriations Act, Public Law 102-28, are off budget. Korea. SEC. 503. During the current fiscal year, the Secretary of Defense Reports. may accept burdensharing contributions in the form of money from the Republic of Korea for the costs of local national employees of the Department of Defense to be credited to Department of Defense operation and maintenance appropriations available for the salaries and benefits of such Korean national employees to be merged with and to be available for the same purposes and time period as those appropriations to which credited: Provided, That not later than October 31, 1991, the Secretary of Defense shall submit a report on the contributions accepted by the Secretary under this provision. This Act may be cited as the "Dire Emergency Supplemental \^ Appropriations From Contributions of Foreign Governments And/