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PUBLIC LAW 102-62—JUNE 27, 1991 105 STAT. 311 (d) FEDERAL SHARE.— (1) IN GENERAL.— Except as provided in paragraph (2) or (3) and for purposes of subsection (a), the term "Federal share" means, with respect to the costs of teacher training programs authorized in subsection (a), 50 percent of such costs to the contractor. (2) WAIVER. —The Secretary may WEiive the provisions of paragraph (1) on a case-by-case basis if the National Advisory Board described in subsection (f) determines, on the basis of financial need, that such waiver is necessary. (3) MAXIMUM.— (A) The Federal share of the costs of teacher training programs conducted pursuant to subsection (a) may not exceed $40,000 for any one contractor, or $200,000 for a statewide program administered by any one contractor in at least 5 sites throughout the State. (B) The grantee under section 202, or any school or institution of higher education that receives funds under this section shall not spend more than 10 percent of the Federal funds it receives under this section for administrative costs. (4) SPECIAL RULE.— For the purposes of this subsection, the costs of teacher programs do not include the administrative costs, publication cost, or the cost of providing techniceil assistance to the grantee. (e) CLASSROOM TEACHER GRANTS.— (1) IN GENERAL.—The National Writing Project may reserve an amount not to exceed 5 percent of the amount appropriated pursuant to the authority of this section to make grants, on a competitive basis, to elementary and secondary school teachers to enable such teachers to— (A) conduct classroom research; (B) publish models of student writing; (C) conduct research regarding effective practices to improve the teaching of writing; and (D) conduct other activities to improve the teaching and uses of writing. (2) SUPPLEMENT AND NOT SUPPLANT. — Grants awarded pursu- - ant to paragraph (1) shall be used to supplement and not supplant State and local funds available for the purposes set forth in paragraph (1). (3) MAXIMUM GRANT AMOUNT.—Each grant awarded pursuant to this subsection shall not exceed $2,000. (f) NATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD. — (1) ESTABLISHMENT.—The National Writing Project shall establish and operate a National Advisory Board. (2) COMPOSITION. — The National Advisory Board established pursuant to paragraph (1) shall consist of— (A) national educational leaders; (B) leaders in the field of writing; and (C) such other individuals as the National Writing Project deems necessary. (3) DUTIES.— The National Advisory Board established pursuant to paragraph (1) shall— (A) advise the National Writing Project on national issues related to student writing and the teaching of writing; (B) review the activities and programs of the National Writing Project; and (C) support the continued development of the National Writing Project.