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105 STAT. 336 PUBLIC LAW 102-73—JULY 25, 1991 "(D) provide program assistance, training, and technical assistance for literacy programs throughout the United States in order to improve the effectiveness of such programs and to increase the number of such programs, which assistance and training shall— "(i) be based on the best available research and knowledge; and "(ii) be coordinated with activities conducted by— "(I) regional educational laboratories supported under section 405(d)(4)(A)(i) of the General Education Provisions Act; "(II) curriculum centers assisted under section 251(a)(8) of the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Education Act; and "(III) other educational and training entities that provide relevant technical assistance; "(E) collect and disseminate information to Federal, State, and local entities with respect to literacy methods that show great promise (including effective methods of assessment, effective literacy programs, and other information obtained through research or practice relating to adult and family learning that would increase the capacity and quality of literacy programs in the United States), using a variety of methods to ensure that the best information is received by State and local providers of literacy services; "(F) review and make recommendations regarding— "(i) ways to achieve uniformity among reporting requirements; "(ii) the development of performance measures; and "(iii) the development of standards for program effectiveness of literacy-related Federal programs; and "(G) provide a toll-free long-distance telephone line for literacy providers and volunteers. "(2) The Institute may enter into contracts or cooperative agreements with, or make grants to, individuals, public or private nonprofit institutions, agencies, organizations, or consortia of such institutions, agencies, or organizations to carry out the activities of the Institute. Such grants, contracts, or agreements shall be subject to the laws and regulations that generally apply to grants, contracts, or Eigreements entered into by Federal agencies. "(e) LITERACY LEADERSHIP. —(1) The Institute is, in consultation with the Board, authorized to award fellowships, with such stipends and allowances that the Director considers necessary, to outstanding individuals pursuing careers in adult education or literacy in the areas of instruction, management, research, or innovation. "(2) Fellowships awarded under this subsection shall be used, under the auspices of the Institute, to engage in research, education, training, technical assistance, or other activities to advance the field of adult education or literacy, including the training of volunteer literacy providers at the national. State, or local level. "(3) Individuals receiving fellowships pursuant to this subsection shall be known as 'Literacy Leader Fellows'. Establishment. " (f) NATIONAL INSTITUTE BoARD.—(I)(A) There is established the National Institute Board (in this section referred to as the 'Board'). The Board shall consist of 10 individuals appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate from individuals who—