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PUBLIC LAW 102-73—JULY 25, 1991 105 STAT. 339 "Subpart 7—State Literacy Resource Centers "SEC. 356. STATE LITERACY RESOURCE CENTERS. 20 USC 1208aa. "(a) PURPOSE. —It is the purpose of this section to assist State and Grants, local public and private nonprofit efforts to eliminate illiteracy through a program of State literacy resource center grants to— "(1) stimulate the coordination of literacy services, "(2) enhance the capacity of State and local organizations to provide literacy services, and "(3) serve as a reciprocal link between the National Institute for Literacy and service providers for the purpose of sharing information, data, research, and expertise and literacy resources. "Q}) ESTABLISHMENT. —From amounts appropriated pursuant to subsection (k), the Secretary is authorized to make grants for purposes of establishing a network of State or regional adult literacy resource centers. "(c) ALLOTMENT. —(1) From sums available for purposes of making grants under this section for any fiscal year, the Secretary shall allot to each State having an approved application under subsection (h) an amount that bears the same ratio to such sums as the amount allotted to such State under section 313(b) for the purpose of making grants under section 321 bears to the aggregate amount allotted to all States under such section for such purpose. "(2) The chief executive officer of each State that receives its allotment under this section shall contract on a competitive basis with the State educational agency, 1 or more local educational agencies, a State office on literacy, a volunteer organization, a community-based organization, institution of higher education, or other nonprofit entity to operate a State literacy resource center. No applicant participating in a competition pursuant to the preceding sentence shall participate in the review of its own application. "(d) USE OF FUNDS.— Funds provided to each State under subsection (c)(1) to carry out this section shall be used to conduct activities to— "(1) improve and promote the diffusion and adoption of stateof-the-art teaching methods, technologies and program evaluations; "(2) develop innovative approaches to the coordination of literacy services within and among States and with the Federal Government; "(3) assist public and private agencies in coordinating the delivery of literacy services; "(4) encourage government and industry partnerships, includ- ' ing partnerships with small businesses, private nonprofit organizations, and community-based organizations; "(5) encourage innovation and experimentation in literacy activities that will enhance the delivery of literacy services and address emerging problems; "(6) provide technical and policy assistance to State and local governments and service providers to improve literacy policy and programs and access to such programs; "(7) provide training and technical assistance to literacy instructors in reading instruction and in—