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105 STAT. 340 PUBLIC LAW 102-73—JULY 25, 1991 "(A) selecting and making the most effective use of stateof-the-art methodologies, instructional materials, and technologies such as— "(i) computer assisted instruction; "(ii) video tapes; "(iii) interactive systems; and "(iv) data link systems; or "(B) assessing learning style, screening for learning disabilities, and providing individualized remedial reading instruction; or "(8) encourage and facilitate the training of full-time professional adult educators. "(e) ALTERNATIVE USES OF EQUIPMENT.— Equipment purchases pursuant to this section, when not being used to carry out the provisions of this section, may be used for other instructional purposes if^ "(1) the acquisition of the equipment was reasonable and necessary for the purpose of conducting a properly designed project or activity under this section; "(2) the equipment is used after regular program hours or on weekends; and "(3) such other use is— "(A) incidental to the use of the equipment under this section; "(B) does not interfere with the use of the equipment under this section; and "(C) does not add to the cost of using the equipment under this section. "(f) LIMITATION.—Not more than 10 percent of amounts received under any grant received under this section shall be used to purchase computer hardware or software. "(g) SPECIAL RULE. —(1) Each State receiving funds pursuant to this section may not use more than 5 percent of such funds to establish a State advisory council on adult education and literacy (in this section referred to as the 'State council') pursuant to section 332. "(2) Each State receiving funds pursuant to this section may use such funds to support an established State council to the extent that such State council meets the requirements of section 332. "(3) Each State receiving funds pursuant to this paragraph to establish or support a State council pursuant to section 332 shall provide matching funds on a doUar-for-doUar basis. "(h) APPLICATIONS.—Each State or group of States, as appropriate, that desires to receive a grant under this section for a regional adult literacy resource center, a State adult literacy resource center, or both shall submit to the Secretary an application that has been reviewed and commented on by the State council, where appropriate, and that describes how the State or group of States will— "(1) develop a literacy resource center or expand an existing literacy resource center; "(2) provide services and activities with the assistance provided under this section; "(3) assure access to services of the center for the maximum participation of all public and private programs and organizations providing or seeking to provide basic skills instruction, including local educational agencies, agencies responsible for corrections education, service delivery areas under the Job