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PUBLIC LAW 102-83—AUG. 6, 1991 105 STAT. 401 "§ 7723. Veterans assistance offices "(a) The Secretary shall establish and maintain veterans assistance offices at such places throughout the United States and its territories and possessions, and in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, as the Secretary determines to be necessary to carry out the purposes of this subchapter. In establishing and maintaining such offices, the Secretary shall give due regard to— "(1) the geographical distribution of veterans recently discharged or released from active military, naval, or air service; "(2) the special needs of educationally disadvantaged veterans (including their need for accessibility of outreach services); and "(3) the necessity of providing appropriate outreach services in less populated areas. "(b) The Secretary shall establish and carry out all possible programs and services, including special telephone facilities, as may be necessary to make the outreach services provided for under this subchapter as widely available as possible. "§ 7724. Outstationing of counseling and outreach personnel "The Secretary may station employees of the Department at locations other than Department offices, including educational institutions, to provide counseling and other assistance regarding benefits under this title to veterans and other persons eligible for benefits under this title and to provide outreach services under this subchapter. "§ 7725. Use of other agencies "In carrying out this subchapter, the Secretary shall do the following: "(1) Arrange with the Secretary of Labor for the State employment service to match the particular qualifications of an eligible veteran or eligible dependent with an appropriate job or job training opportunity, including, where possible, arrangements for outstationing the State employment personnel who provide such assistance at appropriate facilities of the Department. "(2) In consultation with the Secretary of Labor, actively seek to promote the development and establishment of employment opportunities, training opportunities, and other opportunities for veterans, with particular emphasis on the needs of veterans with service-connected disabilities and other eligible veterans, taking into account applicable rates of unemployment and the employment emphases set forth in chapter 42 of this title, "(3) Cooperate with and use the services of any Federal department or agency or any State or local governmental agency or recognized national or other organization. "(4) Where appropriate, make referrals to any Federal department or agency or State or local governmental unit or recognized national or other organization. ' "(5) At the Secretary of Veterans Affairs discretion, furnish available space and office facilities for the use of authorized representatives of such governmental unit or other organization providing services. "(6) Conduct and provide for studies in consultation with appropriate Federal departments and agencies to determine the