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PUBLIC LAW 102-12 —MAR. 18, 1991 105 STAT. 35 when members are on active duty pursuant to any of the preceding sections; Wd "(2) immediately before receiving the order to active duty— "(A) was engaged in the furnishing of health-care services or other services determined by the Secretary of Defense to be professional services; and (B) had in effect a professional liability insurance policy that does not continue to cover claims filed with respect to such person during the period of the person's active duty unless the premiums are paid for such coverage for such period. "(b)(l) Coverage of a person referred to in subsection (a) by a professional liability insurance policy shall be suspended in accordance with this subsection upon receipt of the written request of such person by the insurance carrier. "(2) A professional liability insurance carrier— "(A) may not require that premiums be paid by or on behalf of a person for any professional liability insurance coverage suspended pursuant to paragraph (1); and "(B) shall refund any amount paid for coverage for the period of such suspension or, upon the election of such person, apply such amount for the payment of any premium becoming due upon the reinstatement of such coverage. "(3) A professional liability insurance carrier shall not be liable with respect to any claim that is based on professional conduct (including any fgiilure to take any action in a professional capacity) of a person that occurs during a period of suspension of that person's professional liability insurance under this subsection. For the purposes of the preceding sentence, a claim based upon the failure of a professional to make adequate provision for patients to be cared for during the period of the professional's active duty service shall be considered to be based on an action or failure to take action before the beginning of the period of suspension of professional liability insurance under this subsection, except in a case in which professional services were provided after the date of the beginning of such period. "(c)(1) Professional liability insurance coverage suspended in the case of any person pursuant to subsection (b) shall be reinstated by the insurance carrier on the date on which that person transmits to the insurance carrier a written request for reinstatement. "(2) The request of a person for reinstatement shall be effective only if the person transmits the request to the insurance carrier within 30 days after the date on which the person is released from active duty. The insurance carrier shall notify the person of the due date for payment of the premium of such insurance. Such premium shall be paid by the person within 30 days after the receipt of that notice. "(3) The period for which professional liability insurance coverage shall be reinstated for a person under this subsection may not be less than the balance of the period for which coverage would have continued under the insurance policy if the coversige had not been suspended. "(d) An insurance carrier may not increase the amount of the premium charged for professional liability insurance coverage of any person for the minimum period of the reinstatement of such coverage required under subsection (c)(3) to an amount greater than the amount chargeable for such coverage for such period before the