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105 STAT. 648 PUBLIC LAW 102-138—OCT. 28, 1991 Sec. 144. Commissary access. Sec. 145. Storage of personal effects. Sec. 146. Transportation of remains. Sec. 147. Amendments to title 5. Sec. 148. Voluntary leave bank program. Sec. 149. Reassignment and retirement of Presidential appointees. Sec. 150. Commission to study personnel questions at the Department of State. Sec. 151. Foreign national employees separation pay. Sec. 152. Local compensation plans for United States citizens residing abroad. Sec. 153. Grievances based on alleged discrimination. Sec. 154. Compensation for loss of personal property incident to service. Sec. 155. Language training in the Foreign Service. PART E—INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Sec. 161. Material donations to United Nations peacekeeping operations. Sec. 162. Reform in budget decisionmaking procedures of the United Nations and its specialized agencies. Sec. 163. Report to Congress concerning United Nations secondment. Sec. 164. Permanent International Association of Road Congresses. Sec. 165. International Boundary and Water Commission. Sec. 166. International Fisheries Commissions advance payments. Sec. 167. Japan-United States Friendship Commission. Sec. 168. British-American Interparliamentary Group. Sec. 169. United States delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE). Sec. 170. Report concerning the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. Sec. 171. Report of Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe. Sec. 172. Intergovernmental negotiating committee for a framework convention on climate change report. Sec. 173. I nter-American Foundation. Sec. 174. Housing benefits of the United States mission to the United Nations. Sec. 175. Enhanced support for United Nations peacekeeping. Sec. 176. Special purpose international organizations. Sec. 177. Great Lakes Fishery Commission. Sec. 178. Inter-American organizations. Sec. 179. International Coffee Organization. Sec. 180. Appointment of special coordinator for water policy negotiations and water resources policy. Sec. 181. Employment of U.S. citizens by international organizations. PART F—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS Sec. 191. Travel advisory for Jalisco, Mexico. Sec. 192. Implementation of the Nairobi forward-looking strategies for the advancement of women. Sec. 193. Study of technical security and counterintelligence capabilities. Sec. 194. Study of sexual harassment at the Department of State. Sec. 195. Prohibition against fraudulent use of "Made in America" labels. Sec. 196. Deadline for responses to questions from congressional committees. Sec. 197. International credit reports. Sec. 198. Foreign Relations of the United States Historical Series. TITLE II—UNITED STATES INFORMATIONAL, EDUCATIONAL, AND CULTURAL PROGRAMS PART A—UNITED STATES INFORMATION AGENCY Sec. 201. Authorization of appropriations. Sec. 202. Reprogramming of funds. Sec. 203. Authority of the Secretary. Sec. 204. Basic authority. Sec. 205. Payment of certain expenses for participants. Sec. 206. USIA posts and personnel overseas. Sec. 207. Implementation of Beirut agreement. Sec. 208. Center for cultural and technical interchange between north and south. Sec. 209. Soviet-Eastern European Research and training. Sec. 210. Claude and Mildred Pepper Scholarship Program. Sec. 211. Program review of NED. Sec. 212. USIA grants. Sec. 213. Distribution within the United States of United States Information Agency photographic works of Richard Saunders.