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PUBLIC LAW 102-138—OCT. 28, 1991 105 STAT. 649 Sec. 214. Israeli Arab scholarship program. | Sec. 215. Eligibility of NED for grants. Sec. 216. Establishment of USIA office in Vientiane, Laos. PART B—BUREAU OF EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL AFFAIRS ' Sec. 221. Authorization of appropriations. Sec. 222. Fulbright exchange programs enhancement. Sec. 223. USIA cultural center in Kosovo. Sec. 224. Conforming amendment on certain USIA scholarships. Sec. 225. Eastern Europe student exchange endowment fund. Sec. 226. Enhanced educational exchange programs. Sec. 227. Law and business training program for graduate students from the Soviet Union, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Sec. 228. Near and Middle East research and training. Sec. 229. Scholarships for Vietnamese. PART C—BUREAU OF BROADCASTING '* Sec. 231. Authorization of appropriations. Sec. 232. Television Broadcasting to Cuba Act. Sec. 233. Yugoslavian programming within the Voice of America. Sec. 234. Voice of America broadcasts in Kurdish. Sec. 235. Reports on the future of international broadcasting. PART D—BOARD FOR INTERNATIONAL BROADCASTING Sec. 241. Authorization of appropriations. Sec. 242. Board for International Broadcasting Act. Sec. 243. Broadcasting to China. Sec. 244. Policy on Radio Free Europe. TITLE III—MISCELLANEOUS FOREIGN POLICY PROVISIONS PART A—FOREIGN POLICY PROVISIONS Sec. 301. Persian Gulf war criminals. Sec. 302. Benefits for United States hostages captured in Lebanon. Sec. 303. Reports concerning China. Sec. 304. Report on terrorist assets in the United States. PART B—ARMS CONTROL AND PROLIFERATION Sec. 321. Limitation on rescission of prohibitions applicable to terrorist countries. Sec. 322. Policy on Middle East arms sales. Sec. 323. Missile technology. Sec. 324. Report on Chinese weapons proliferation practices. Sec. 325. Report on SS-23 missiles. PART C—DECLARATIONS OF CONGRESS Sec. 351. Reciprocal diplomatic status with Mexico. Sec. 352. United States presence in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Sec. 353. Laotian-American relations. Sec. 354. POW/MIA status. Sec. 355. China's illegal control of Tibet. Sec. 356. Release of prisoners held in Iraq. Sec. 357. Policy toward Hong Kong. Sec. 358. Policy toward Taiwan. Sec. 359. Human rights abuses in East Timor. Sec. 360. Support for new democracies. Sec. 361. Policy regarding United States assistance to the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. Sec. 362. Policy toward the release of political prisoners by South Africa. Sec. 363. United States tactical nuclear weapons designed for deployment in Europe. Sec. 364. United States support for UNCED. TITLE IV—ARMS TRANSFERS RESTRAINT POLICY FOR THE MIDDLE EAST AND PERSIAN GULF REGION Sec. 401. Findings. Sec. 402. Multilateral arms transfer and control regime. Sec. 403. Limitation on United States arms sales to the region. Sec. 404. Reports to the Congress. Sec. 405. Relevant congressional committees defined.