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PUBLIC LAW 102-138—OCT. 28, 1991 105 STAT. 663 (2) In addition to such other information as the Secretary of State considers necessary and appropriate, such plan shall include detailed information concerning requirements for— (A) United States constructed and secure office space to house all classified or sensitive activities from the most secure to unclassified but sensitive functions; (B) unclassified nonsensitive office functions; (C) staff housing that is physically safe, secure, and adequate for the needs of the entire United States Mission, both permanent and transient; (D) secure and unsecured warehousing; (E) recreational facilities; (F) expanded activities of the United States Information Agency, including offices and cultural activities; (G) expanded consular activities of the Mission; (H) expanded activities of the Foreign Commercial Service of the Department of Commerce; (I) activities of the Immigration and Naturalization Service; and (J) all other anticipated United States Government space requirements. (3) In the preparation of such plan, the Secretary shall ensure that detailed consideration be given to at least three construction options for the new chancery building at the United States Embassy in Moscow: (A) full teardown and rebuild; (B) four floor "top hat" in which two floors are removed from the unfinished New Office Building and four floors added; and (C) a two floor "top hat" in which no floors are removed but two are added. (c) IMPLEMENTING DOCUMENTS.—The Secretary of State shall make available to the appropriate committees of Congress copies of all agreements, including memoranda of understanding, exchanges of letters, and all other written agreements with the governments of the Soviet Union, the Russian Republic, and the City of Moscow necessary to implement the comprehensive plan under subsection (b). (d) REPORT.— (1) Not later than 60 days before the obligation or expenditure of any funds authorized to be appropriated under section 101(a)(7), the Secretary of State and the Director of Central Intelligence shall submit to the appropriate committees of the Congress a joint written report on alternative approaches to the reconstruction of the new chancery building at the United States Embassy in Moscow (as authorized under section 101(a)(7)). (2) CONTENTS OF REPORT. — The report under paragraph (1) shall contain a detailed comparison of the relative advantages and disadvantages of all alternatives considered with respect to the new chancery building at the United States Embassy in Moscow and shall identify the alternative selected for implementation. Such report shall include an analysis of the / following factors: (A) Estimated cost of completion, based on comparable levels of fit, finish, and equipment. (B) Estimated time to completion. (C) Total amount of secure and nonsecure space available for office and other functions.