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PUBLIC LAW 102-141—OCT. 28, 1991 105 STAT. 851 obligation on October 1, 1992 and all contingencies and constraints on the use of such funds in the original language are continued herewith; (2) not to exceed $569,251,000 which shall remain available until expended, for repairs and alterations: Provided further, That funds in the Federal Buildings Fund for Repairs and Alterations shall, for prospectus projects, be limited to the amount by project as follows, except each project may be increased by an amount not to exceed 10 per centum unless advance approval is obtained from the Committees on Appropriations of the House and Senate of a greater amount: Repairs and Alterations: California: Pasadena, Court of Appeals and Federal Building, $9 218 000 Sacramento, Federal Building, 801 I Street, $9,529,000 Santa Rosa, John F. Shaw Federal Building, $1,583,000 Connecticut: Hartford, William R. Cotter Federal Building, $3,814,000 District of Columbia: Federal Building lOA, $16,527,000 Herbert Clark Hoover Department of Commerce Building, $3,857,000 Housing and Urban Development Building, $5,365,000 Justice Building, $7,495,000 New Executive Office Building, $8,083,000 Old Executive Office Building, $19,000,000 Wilbur J. Cohen Federal Building, $15,000,000 Illinois: Chicago, John C. Kluczynski Federal Building, $20,335,000 Kentucky: Louisville, Federal Building, $15,470,000 Maryland: Baltimore, Edward A. Garmatz Federal Building U.S. Courthouse, $6,311,000 MEissachusetts: Boston, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Federal Building and Government Center (phase 2), $36,800,000 Worcester, Harold D. Donahue Federal Building and United States Courthouse, $14,000,000 Missouri: Kansas City, Federal Office Building, $5,256,000 Montana: Billings, Federal Building U.S. Courthouse, $1,919,000 New Mexico: Albuquerque, Dennis Chavez Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, $3,846,000 New York: Brooklyn, Emanuel Celler Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse (phase 1), $8,729,000 Buffalo, Michael J. Dillon Memorial United States Courthouse, $5,962,000 New York, Alexander Hamilton Custom House (phase 1), $20 273 000 New York, Jacob K. Javits Federal Building, $11,955,000 Ohio: Cincinnati, John Weld Peck Federal Building, $2,537,000