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PUBLIC LAW 102-575 —OCT. 30, 1992 106 STAT. 4659 shall be binding upon the Secretary, except that, upon termination of construction pursuant to this section, the Authority shall reimburse to the Secretary a sum equal to 67 per centimi of all costs incurred by the Secretary in project verification, design and construction management, reduced by any sums previously paid by the Authority to the Secretary for such purposes. Upon such termination, the United States is under no obligation to complete the project as a nonreimbursable development. (c) TRANSFER OF CONTROL. —Upon completion of construction £Lnd testing of the project, or upon termination of activities at the request of the Authority, the Secretary shall transfer the care, operation, and maintenance of the project works to the Authority or to a bona fide entity mutually agreeable to the States of New Mexico and Texas. As part of such transfer, the Secretary shall return unexpended balances of the funds advanced, assign to the Authority or the bona fide entity the rights to any contract in force, convey to the Authority or the bona fide entity any real estate, easements or personal property acquired by the advanced funds, and provide any data, drawings, or other items of value procured with advanced funds. SEC. 805. TRANSFER OF TITLE. Title to any facilities constructed under the authority of this title shall remain with the United States. SEC. 806. AUTHORIZATION. There are hereby authorized to be appropriated such sums as are necessary to carry out the provisions of this title, except that the total Federal contribution to the cost of the activities undertaken under the authority of this title shall not exceed 33 per centum. TITLE IX—CEDAR BLUFF UNIT, KANSAS Water supply SEC. 901. AUTHORIZATION. The Secretary, pursuant to the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Bureau of Reclamation and the Fish and Wildlife Service of the Department of the Interior, the State of Kansas, and the Cedar Bluff Irrigation District Number 6, dated December 17, 1987, is authorized to reformulate the Cedar Bluff Unit of the Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program, Kansas, including reallocation of the conservation capacity of the Cedar Bluff Reservoir, to create: (a) a designated operating pool, as defined in such Memorandum of Understanding, for fish, wildlife, and recreation purposes, for groundwater recharge for environmental, domestic, mimicipal and industrial uses, and for other purposes; and (b) a joint-use pool, as defined in such Memorandum of Understanding, for fiood control, water sales, fish, wildlife, and recreation purposes; and for other purposes. SEC. 902. CONTRACT. The Secretary is authorized to enter into a contract with the State of Kansas for the sale, use, and control of the designated operating pool, with the exception of water reserved for the city of Russell, Kansas, and to allow the State of Kansas to acquire use and control of water in the joint-use pool, except that, the