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106 STAT. 4720 PUBLIC LAW 102-575—OCT. 30, 1992 ated with the Hamilton City Pumping Plant. This authorization shall not be deemed to supersede or alter existing authorizations for the participation of other Federal agencies in the mitigation program. Seventy-five percent shall be considered a nonreimbursable Federal expenditure, and 25 percent shall be paid by the State of Califorma. (21) assist the State of California in efforts to develop and implement measures to avoid losses ofjuvenile anadromous fish resulting from unscreened or inadequately screened diversions on the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers, their tributaries, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, and the Suisun Marsh. Such measures shall include but shall not be limited to construction of screens on unscreened diversions, rehabilitation of existing screens, replacement of existing non-fimctioning screens, and relocation of diversions to less fishery-sensitive areas. The Secretary share of costs associated with activities authorized under this paragraph shall not exceed 50 percent of the total cost of any such activity. (22) provide such incentives as the Secretary determines to be appropriate or necessary, consistent with the ^oals and objectives of this title, to encourage farmers to participate in a program, which the Secretary shall develop, under which such farmers will keep fields flooded during appropriate time periods for the purposes of waterfowl habitat creation and maintenance and for Central Valley Project yield enhancement; Provided, That such incentives shall not exceed $2,000,000 annually, either directly or through credits against other contractual payment obligations, including the pricing waivers authorized under subsection 3405(d) of this tile; Provided further. That the holder of the water contract shall pass such incentives through to farmers participating in the program, less reasonable contractor costs, if any; And provided further. That such water may be transferred subject to section 3405(a) of this title only if the farmer waives all rights to such incentives. This provision shall terminate by the year 2002. (23) in order to meet Federal trust responsibilities to protect the fishery resources of the Hoopa Valley Tribe, ana to meet the fishery restoration goals of the Act of October 24, 1984, Public Law 98-^41, provide through the Trinity River Division, for water years 1992 through 1996, an instream release of water to uie Trinity River of not less than three hundred and forty thousand acre-feet per year for the purposes of fishery restoration, propagation, and maintenance and, (A) by September 30, 1996, the Secretary, after consultation with the Hoopa Valley Tribe, shall complete the Trinity River Flow Evaluation Study currently being conducted by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service under the mandate of the Secretarial Decision of January 14, 1981, in a manner which insures the development of recommendations, based on the best available scientific data, regarding permanent instream fishery flow requirements and Trinity River Division operating criteria and procedures for the restoration and maintenance of the Trinity River fishery; and (B) not later than December 31, 1996, the Secretary shall forward the recommendations of the Trinity River Flow Evaluation Study, referred to in subparagraph (A)