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PUBLIC LAW 102-575—OCT. 30, 1992 106 STAT. 4721 of this paragraph, to the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources and the Select Committee on Indian Affairs of the Senate and the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs and the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries of the House of Representatives. If the Secretary and the Hoopa Valley Tribe concur in these recommendations, any increase to the minimum Trinity River instream fishery releases established under this paragraph and the operating criteria and procedures referred to in subparagraph (A) shall be implemented accordingly. If the Hoopa Valley Tribe and the Secretary do not concur, the minimum Trinity River instream fishery releases established under this parajp;raph shall remain in effect unless increased by an Act of Congress, appropriate judicial decree, or agreement between the Secretary and the Hoopa Valley TMbe. Costs associated with implementation of this paragraph shall be reimbursable as operation and maintenance expenditiu'es pursuant to existing law. If the Secretary and the State of California determine that longterm natural fishery productivity in all Central Valley Project controlled rivers and streams resmting from implementation of this section exceeds that which existed in the absence of Central Vallev Project facilities, the costs of implementing those measures which are determined to provide such enhancement shall become credits to offset reimbursable costs associated with implementation of this subsection. (c) SAN JOAQUIN AND STANISLAUS RIVERS.— The Secretary shall, by not later than September 30, 1996: (1) develop a comprehensive plan, which is reasonable, prudent, and feasible, to address fish, wildlife, and habitat concerns on the San Joaauin River, including but not limited to the streamflow, channel, riparian habitat, and water quality improvements that would be needed to reestablish where necessary and to sustain naturally reproducing anadromous fisheries from Friant Dam to its confluence with the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaq^uin Delta Estuary. Such plan shall be developed in cooperation with the California Department of Fish and Game and in coordination with the San Joaquin River Management Program under development by the State of California; shall comply with and contain any documents required by the National Environmental Policy Act and contain findings setting forth the basis for the Secretary's decision to adopt and implement the plan as well as recommendations concerning the need for subsequent Congressional action, if any; and shall incorporate, among other relevant factors, the potential contributions of tributary streams as well as the alternatives to be investigated under paragraph (2) of this subsection. During the time that the Secretai^ is developing the plan provided for in this subsection, and until such time as Congress has authorized the Secretary to implement such plan, with or without modifications, the Secretary shall not, as a measure to implement this title, make releases for the restoration of flows between Gravelly Ford and the Mendota Pool and shall not thereafter make such releases as a measure to implement this title without a specific Act of Congress authorizing such releases. In lieu of such requirement, and until such time as flows of sufficient quantity, quality and