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PUBLIC LAW 102-575—OCT. 30, 1992 106 STAT. 4751 the Gila River Indian Community and the San Carlos Irrigation and Drainage District had a right to be released from San Carlos Reservoir and delivered to them in 1990. (g) LIMITATION. — No part of the Fund established by section 3707(b) of this title, including principal and income, or income from options to lease water or water leases authorized by section 3706, may be used to make per capita payments to members of the Tribe. (h) DISCLAIMER.— Nothing in this title shall be construed to repeal, modify, amend, change or affect the Secretary's obligations to the Ak-Chin Indian Community pursuant to the Act of October 19, 1984 (98 Stat. 2698). (i) WATER RIGHTS. —Nothing in this title shall be construed to quantify or otherwise affect the water rights, claims or entitlements to water of any Arizona tribe, band or community, other than the San Carlos Apache Tribe. (j) PLANET RANCH.— The Secretary is authorized and directed to acquire, with the consent of and upon terms mutually acceptable to the city of Scottsdale ("cit}^) and the Secretary, all of the cit3r*s right, title and interest in Planet Ranch located on the Bill Williams River in Arizona, including all water rights appurtenant to that property, and the city's January 1988 application filed with the Arizona Department of Water Resources to appropriate water from the Bill Williams River through a land exchange based on fair market value. If an exchange is made with land purchased by the Bureau of Reclamation for the construction and operation of the Central Arizona Project, then, upon commencement of repay- ment by CAWCD of the reimbursable costs of the Central Arizona Project, the fair market value of those lands so exchanged shall be credited in full against the annual payments due from CAWCD under Article 9.4(a) of Contract No. 14-0906-09W -09245, Amendment No. 1, between the United States and CAWCD dated December 1, 1988, and any amendment or revision thereof, until exhausted: Provided, however. That the authorized appropriation ceiling of the Central Arizona Project shall not be affected in any manner by the provisions of this subsection. (k) REPEAL. — Section 304(c)(3) of the Colorado River Basin Project Act (43 U.S.C. 1524(c)(3)) is hereby repealed. This subsection does not authorize transportation of water pumped within the exterior boundary of a Federal reclamation project established prior to September 30, 1968, pursuant to the Act of June 17, 1902 (32 Stat. 388; 43 U.S.C. 391), as amended and supplemented, across project boundaries. (1) WATER RIGHTS. — Nothing in this title shall be construed to affect the water rights or the water rights claims of any Federal agency other than the Biu:eau of Indian Affairs on behalf of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, nor shall an3rthing in this title be construed to prohibit the United States from confirming in the Agreement, except on behalf of Indian tribes other than the San Carlos Apache Tribe, the Gila River and Little Colorado River watershed water rights of other parties to the Agreement by making express provisions for the same in the Agreement. SEC. 3711. EFFECTIVE DATE. (a) EFFECTIVE DATE OF AUTHORIZATION.—The authorization contained in section 3708(b) of this title shall become effective 43 USC 1524 note. 25 USC 390 note. Federal Register, publication. 59-194 O—93 7:QL3(Pt.6)