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PUBLIC LAW 102-579 —OCT. 30, 1992 106 STAT. 4793 graph (A) in consultation with affected States and Indian tribes. The training shall also be reviewed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, for compliance with part 1910.120 of title 29, Code of Federal Regiilations. (D) COMPONENTS OF TRAINING.— The training shall cover procedures required for the safe routine transportation of transuranic waste, as well as procedures for dealing with emergency response situations, including— (i) instruction of government officials and public safety officers in procedures for the command and control of the response to any incident involving the waste; (ii) instruction of emergency response personnel in procedures for the initial response to an incident involving transuranic waste being transported to or from WIPP; (iii) instruction of radiological protection and emergency medical personnel in procedures for responding to an incident involving transuranic waste being transported to or from WIPP; and (iv) a program to provide information to the public about the transportation of transuranic waste to or from WIPP. (2) EQUIPMENT. —The Secretary shall enter into agreements to assist States through monetary grants or contributions inkind, to the extent provided in appropriation Acts, in acquiring equipment for response to an incident involving transureinic waste transported to or from WIPP. (d) TRANSPORTATION SAFETY PROGRAMS.—The Secretary shall, to the extent provided in appropriation Acts, provide in-kind, financial, technical, and other appropriate assistance to any State or Indian tribe through whose juriscfiction the Secretary plans to transport transuranic waste to or from WIPP, for the purpose of WIPP- specific transportation safety programs not otherwise addressed in this section. These programs shall be developed with, and monitored by, the Secretary. (e) SANTA FE BYPASS.—No transuranic waste may be transported from the Los Alamos National Laboratory to WIPP until— (1) an amount of funds sufficient to construct the Santa Fe bypass has been made available to the State; (2) the Santa Fe bypass has been completed; or (3) the Administrator has made the certification required under section 8(d)(1)(B). (f) STUDY OF TRANSPORTATION ALTERNATIVES.— (1) IN GENERAL,,—The Secretary shall conduct a study comparing the shipment of transuranic waste to the WIPP facility by truck and by rail, including the use of dedicated trains, and shall submit a report on the study in accordance with paragraph (2). Such report shall include— (A) a consideration of occupational and public risks and exposures, and other environmental impacts; (B) a consideration of emergency response capabilities; and (C) an estimation of comparative costs. Grants. Reports.