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106 STAT. 4798 PUBLIC LAW 102-580—OCT. 31, 1992 Sec. 220. Environmental infrastructure assistance for Benton and Washington Counties, Arkansas. Sec. 221. Environmental infrastructure assistance for Erie County, New York. Sec. 222. Environmental infrastructiue assistance for Lewiston, New York. Sec. 223. Board of Engineers. Sec. 224. Channel depths and dimensions. Sec. 225. Challenge cost-sharing program for the management of recreation facilities. Sec. 226. Debarment of persons convicted of fraudulent use of 'Tiffade in America" labels. TITLE III—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS Sec. 301. Extension ofjurisdiction of Mississippi River Commission. Sec. 302. New York City zebra mussel pn^am. Sec. 303. Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania. Sec. 304. Broad Top region of Pennsylvania. Sec. 305. Construction of boat ramps and docks at J. Strom Thurmond Lake, Georeia. Sec. 306. West Virginia trailhead facilities. Sec. 307. Water quality projects. Sec. 308. Baltimore Harbor, Maiyland. Sec. 309. Additional studies. Sec. 310. Rend Lake, Illinois. Sec. 311. Portiigese and Bucana Rivers, Puerto Rico. Sec. 312. Little Goose and Lower Granite, Washington. Sec. 313. South Central Pennsylvania environmental restoration infrastructure and resource protection development pilot program. Sec. 314. Illinois ana Michigan Canal. Sec. 315. Virginia Beach, Virginia, technical amendments. Sec. 316. Transfer facility for beneficial uses of dredged material, San Francisco Bay. Sec. 317. Pikeville Lake, Kentuckv. Sec. 318. Raystown Lake, Pennsylvania. Sec. 319. Santa Rosa plain, California. Sec. 320. Klamath Glen levee, California. Sec. 321. Phoenix, Arizona. Sec. 322. Water supply needs of Mahoning Valley Sanitary District, Ohio. Sec. 323. Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan. Sec. 324. Hackensack Meadowlands area. New Jersey. Sec. 325. Land exchange, Allatoona Lake, Georgia. Sec. 326. New York Bight and Harbor study. Sec. 327. Availability m contaminated sediments information.