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PUBLIC LAW 102-580—OCT. 31, 1992 106 STAT. 4811 terns) and disposal of accumiilated drift and debris at Bluestone Dam. (gg) LA CROSSE AND SHELBY, WISCONSIN.— The project for flood protection of State Road and Ebner Coulees, city of La Crosse and Shelby Township, Wisconsin, authorized by section 203 of the Flood Control Act of 1968 (82 Stat. 742), is modified to direct the Secretary to reimburse the non-Federal sponsor $1,467,000 for the Federal share of work performed by the non-Federal sponsor in connection with the project. Such reimbursement shall be in addition to amounts previously reimbursed by the Secretary for such work. SEC. 103. VISITOR CENTERS. (a) MELVIN PRICE LOCK AND DAM, ALTON, ILLINOIS. — (1) CONSTRUCTION.—The Secretary may construct a regional visitor center of at least 24,000 square feet at the Melvin Price Lock and Dam, Alton, Illinois. (2) PURPOSES. —The purposes of the visitor center to be constructed under this subsection shall be to inform the public of— (A) the role of the United States Army Corps of Engineers in inland navigation along the Mississippi River and its tributaries, (B) the role of the Melvin Price Lock and Dam in such inland navigation, (C) the socioeconomic development of the surrounding area, and (D) events of historical, archaeological, cultural, and naturcd significance in such area. (b) MT. MORRIS DAM, NEW YORK.— (1) CONSTRUCTION.— The Secretary shall construct a visitor center at Mt. Morris Dam, Mt. Morris, New York, in accordance with alternative 2 cont£dned in the report of the District Engineer, Buffalo District, entitled "Mt. Morris Dam, Interpretive Development Prospectus, Visitor Reception Area", dated February 22, 1991. (2) DESIGNATION.— The visitor center to be constructed under this subsection shall be known and designated as the "William B. Hoyt II Visitor Center". (c) LOWER MISSISSIPPI RIVER MUSEUM AND RIVERFRONT INTERPRETIVE SITE. — (1) ESTABLISHMENT. — The Secretary shall establish and operate in accordance with this subsection an interpretive facility (including a museum and interpretive site) in Vicksburg, Mississippi, which shall be known as the "Lower Mississippi River Museum and Riverfront Interpretive Site". (2) LOCATION OF MUSEUM. —The museimi shall be located on property currently held by the Resolution Trust Corporation in the vicinity of the Mississippi River Bridge in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Title to the property shall be transferred to the Secretary at no cost. (3) INTERPRETIVE SITE.—The interpretive site shall be located on riverfront property between the Mississippi River Bridge and the Mississippi Riverpark in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The Secretary is authorized to acquire surface use easements for such site on a willing seller basis.