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PUBLIC LAW 102-580—OCT. 31, 1992 106 STAT. 4859 SEC. 349. RAHWAY RIVER, NEW JERSEY. The Secretary is authorized to conduct a study on flooding problems along the Rahway River, township of Woodbridge and city of Rahway, New Jersey, and to implement such measures as the Secretary determines feasible in the interest of flood control along the Rahway River and the South Branch of the Rahway River. SEC. 350. SAN FRANCISCO BAY, CALIFORNIA. The Secretary is authorized to participate as an active Federal member in the Memorandum of Understanding for the Interagency Ecological Study Program for implementation of the monitoring requirements in the San Francisco Bay—Delta Estuary, California, dated October 19, 1990, and March 9, 1992, including the coordination, conduction, and transfer of funds, equipment, and personnel between the cooperating agencies. SEC. 3S1. FLOOD WARNING RESPONSE SYSTEM. Section 17(a) of the Water Resoiu-ces Development Act of 1988 (102 Stat. 4026) is amended by striking "consistent" and all that follows through "1986" and inserting at full Federal expense". SEC. 352. TARRANT COUNTY, TEXAS. Section lOl(n) of Public Law 99-500 (100 Stat. 1783-345) and section 101 of Public Law 99-591 (100 Stat. 3341-345-3341-346) are each amended by striking ": Provided, That in" and all that follows through "and Marine Creek". SEC. 353. RELEASE OF CERTAIN USE RESTRICTION. Alabama. (a) RELEASE. —Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Tennessee Valley Authority is authorized and directed to grant a release or releases, without monetary consideration, from the restriction and covenant which reqmres that property described in subsection (b) shall at all times be used solely for the purpose of erecting docks and buildings for shipbuilding purposes or for the manufacture or storage of products for the purpose of trading or shipping in transportation. (b) DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY. —This section shall apply only to those lands situated in the city of Decatur, Morgan County, Alabama, and described in an indenture conveying such lands to the Ingalls Shipbuilding Corporation dated July 29, 1954, and recorded in Deed Book 535 at page 6 in the office of the Probate Judge of Morgan County, Alabama, which are owned or may hereafter be acqmred by the city of Decatur, Alabama. SEC. 354. FORT POINT, GALVESTON, TEXAS. (a) CONSTRUCTION OF INTERAGENCY CHILD CARE FACILITY.— Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Secretary is authorized by contract or otherwise to construct, establish, equip, maintain, and operate (or assist in constructing, equipping, maintaining, and operating) an interagency child care facility at Fort Point, Galveston, Texas, on Federal property under the management and control of the Galveston District, United States Army Corps of Engineers. The purpose of such facility shall be to provide child care services for children who are membiers of households of Federal employees. (b) FEES, TRANSFERS, AND ACCEPTANCE OF DONATIONS.—