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PUBLIC LAW 102-583 —NOV. 2, 1992 106 STAT. 4915 vide appropriately severe penalties, and cooperate in the extradition of accused offenders. "(C) International narcotics control programs should include, as priority goals, the suppression of the illicit manufacture of and trafficking in narcotic and psychotropic drugs, money laundering, and precursor chemical (Aversion, and the progressive elimination of the illicit cultivation of the crops from which narcotic and psychotropic drugs are derived. "(D) The international community should provide assistance, where appropriate, to those producer and transit countries which require assistance in discharging these primary obligations.

    • (E) The objective of the United States in dealing with

the problem of international money laimdering is to ensure that countries adopt comprehensive domestic measures against money laundering and cooperate with each other in narcotics money laundering investigations, prosecutions, and related forfeiture actions. "(F) Effective international cooperation is necessary to control the illicit cultivation, production, and smuggling of, trafficking in, and abuse of narcotic and psychotropic drugs.". (b) AUTHORITY TO CONCLUDE AGREEMENTS.— Section 481(a)(2) of that Act is amended by inserting ", including reciprocal maritime 22 USC 2291. agreements," after "agreements". (c) COORDINATION OF ALL UNITED STATES ANTINARCOTICS ASSISTANCE TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES. — Section 481(b) of that Act is amended to read as follows: " (b) COORDINATION OF ALL UNITED STATES ANTINARCOTICS ASSISTANCE TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES. — "(1) RESPONSIBILITY OF SECRETARY OF STATE.— Consistent with subtitle A of title I of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988, the Secretary of State shall be responsible for coordinating all assistance provided by the United States Government to support international efforts to combat illicit narcotics production or trafficking. "(2) RULE OF CONSTRUCTION.— Nothing contained in this subsection or section 489(b) shall be construed to limit or impair the authority or responsibility of any other Federal agency with respect to law enforcement, domestic security operations, or intelligence activities as defined in Executive Order 12333.". (d) MARITIME LAW ENFORCEMENT IN ARCHIPELAGIC WATERS. — Section 481(c)(4) of that Act is amended by inserting "or archipelagic waters" aft«r "sea". (e) PROCUREMENT OF WEAPONS AND AMMUNITION.— Section 482(b) of that Act is amended to read as follows: 22 USC 2291a. " (b) PROCUREMENT OF WEAPONS AND AMMUNITION.— "(1) PROHIBITION. — Except as provided in paragraph (2), funds made available to carry out this chapter shall not be made available for the procurement of weapons or ammunition. "(2) EXCEPTIONS. —Paragraph (1) shall not apply with respect to funds for the procurement of— "(A) weapons or ammunition provided only for the defensive arming of aircraft used for narcotics-related purposes, or "(B) firearms and related ammunition provided only for defensive purposes to employees or contract personnel