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106 STAT. 4594 PUBLIC LAW 102-574—OCT. 29, 1992 "(E) achieving a better understanding of global climate change and the significance of achieving a reduction of greenhouse gases through research associated with the unique atmospheric conditions found in Hawaii and the Pacific Ocean; "(F) a review of the extent to which existing Federal forestry programs can be utilized to achieve the purposes of the plan; and "(G) the establishment of experimental tropical forests in the State of Hawaii as authorized by section 606. "(3) CAPABILITY.— In preparing elements of the plan that address paragraph (2)(F), the Secretary shall identify the capability of the plan— "(A) to promote a greater understanding of tropical forest ecosystem processes, conservation biology, and biodiversity management; "(B) to demonstrate the various benefits of maintaining a tropical forest reserve system; "(C) to promote sound watershed and forest management; "(D) to develop compatible land uses adjacent to protected natural areas; and "(E) to develop new methods of reclaiming and restoring degraded lands. 16 USC 4503b. "SEC. 606. HAWAII EXPERIMENTAL TROPICAL FOREST. "(a) DEFINITIONS. — As used in this section: "(1) FOREST.— The term 'Forest'means the Hawaii Experimental Tropical Forest. "(2) GOVERNOR. —The term 'Governor' means the Governor of Hawaii. "(3) LANDS. —The term 'lands' means lands, waters, and interests in lands and waters. "(4) STATE.—The term 'State' means the State of Hawaii. "(b) ESTABLISHMENT AND MANAGEMENT.—At the request of the Gx)vemor, the Secretary shall establish and administer within the State a Hawaii Experimental Tropical Forest. The Forest shall be managed as— "(1) a model of quality tropical forest meuiagement where harvesting on a sustainable yield basis can be demonstrated in balance with natural resource conservation; "(2) a site for research on tropical forestry, conservation biology, and natural resource management; and "(3) a center for demonstration, education, training, and outreach on tropical forestry, conservation biology, and natural resources research and management, " (c) DELINEATION OF THE LOCATION OF THE FOREST.— "(1) IDENTIFICATION OF LANDS.— The Governor and the Secretary shall identify one or more suitable sites for the Forest in lands within the State. The identification of each site shall be based on scientific, ecological, administrative, and such other factors as the (jovemor and Secretary consider to be necessary or desirable to achieve the purposes of this section. Each site identified pursuant to the preceding sentence shall be of sufficient size and located so that the site can be effectively managed for Forest purposes.