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106 STAT. 4944 PUBLIC LAW 102-585—NOV. 4, 1992 Sec. 403. Extension of period for completion of conditionally approved applications for construction. Sec. 404. Limited prohibition on obligation of funds for rescinded projects. Sec. 405. Commencement date for recapture period. Sec. 406. Commencement date for payment of per diem. TITLE V—GENERAL HEALTH CARE AND ADMINISTRATION Subtitle A—General Health Sec. 501. Contract hospital care for veterans with permanent and total service-connected disabilities. Sec. 502. Permanent authority for respite care program. Sec. 503. Extension of authority to contract with the Veterans Memorial Medical Center, Republic of die Philippines. Subtitle B—Preventive Health Sec. 511. National Center for Preventive Health. Sec. 512. Annual report on preventive health services. Sec. 513. Preventive health services. Sec. 514. Repeal of pilot program. Subtitle C—Health Care Administration and Personnel Sec. 521. Geriatric research, education, and clinical centers. Sec. 522. Extension of authority to waive certain limitations applicable to receipt of retirement pay by nurses. Sec. 523. Health professionals education programs. Sec. 524. Real property at Temple Junior College, Temple, Texas. Sec. 525. Demonstration project to evaluate installation of telephones for patient use at Department health-care facilities. Sec. 526. Useof Tobacco Products in Department Facilities. Women Veterans Health Programs Act of 1992. 38 USC 101 note. TITLE VI—DRUG PRICING AGREEMENTS Sec. 601. Treatment of prescription drugs procured by Department of Veterans Affairs or purchased by certain chnics and hospitals. Sec. 602. Limitations on prices of drugs purchased by cenain clinics and hospitals. Sec. 603. Limitation on prices of drugs procured by Department of Veterans Affairs and certain other Federal agencies. TITLE VII—PERSIAN GULF WAR VETERANS'HEALTH STATUS Sec. 701. Short title. Sec. 702. Persian Gulf War Veterans Health Registry. Sec. 703. Health examinations and counseling tor veterans eligible for inclusion in certain health-related registries. Sec. 704. Expansion of coverage of Persian Gulf Registry. Sec. 705. Study by Office of Technolo^ Assessment of Persian Gulf Registry and Persian Gulf War Veterans Health Registry. Sec. 706. Agreement with National Academy of Sciences for review of health consequences of service during the Persian Gulf War. Sec. 707. Coordination of government activities on health-related research on the Persian Gulf War. Sec. 708. Definition. TITLE VIII—COURT OF VETERANS APPEALS Sec. 801. Disciplinary procedures for judges of Court of Veterans Appeals. SEC. 2. REFERENCES TO TITLE 38, UNITED STATES CODE. Except as otherwise expressly provided, whenever in this Act an amendment or repeal is expressed in terms of an amendment to or repeal of a section or other provision, the reference shall be consiaered to be made to a section or other provision of title 38, United States Code. TITLE I—WOMEN VETERANS HEALTH PROGRAMS SEC. 101. SHORT TITLE. This title may be cited as the "Women Veterans Health Programs Act of 1992".