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PUBLIC LAW 102-575—OCT. 30, 1992 106 STAT. 4603 Sec. 2302. Transfer of operation and maintenance responsibility of Platoro Reservoir. _ Sec. 2303. Definitions. TITLE XXIV—REDWOOD COUNTY WATER DISTRICT, CALIFORNIA Sec. 2401. Sale of Bureau of Reclanmtion loans. Sec. 2402. Savings provisions. Sec. 2403. Fees ana expenses of program. Sec. 2404. Termination of authority. TITLE XXV—UNITED WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT, CALIFORNIA Sec. 2501. Sale of the Freeman Diversion Improvement Project loan. Sec. 2502. Termination and conveyance of rights. Sec. 2503. Termination of authority. TITLE XXVI—fflGH PLAINS GROUNDWATER PROGRAM Sec. 2601. High Plains States Groundwater Demonstration Program Act TITLE XXVII—MONTANA IRRIGATION PROJECTS Sec. 2701. Pick-Sloan project pumping power. TITLE XXVIII—RECLAMATION RECREATION MANAGEMENT ACT Sec. 2801. Short title. Sec. 2802. Findings. Sec. 2803. Defmitions. Sec. 2804. Amendments to the Federal Water Project Recreation Act. Sec. 2805. Management of reclamation lands. Sec. 2806. Protection of authorized purposes of reclamation projects. TITLE XXK—SAN JUAN SUBURBAN WATER DISTRICT, CENTRAL VALLEY PROJECT, CALIFORNIA Sec. 2901. Repayment of water pimips, San Juan Suburban Water District, Central Valley Project, California. TITLE XXX—WESTERN WATER POLICY REVIEW Sec. 3001. Short title. Sec. 3002. Con^ssional findings. Sec. 3003. Presidential review. Sec. 3004. The Advisory Commission. Sec. 3005. Duties of the Commission. Sec. 3006. Representatives. Sec. 3007. Powers of the Commission. Sec. 3008. Powers and duties of the Chairman. Sec. 3009. Other Federal agencies. Sec. 3010. Appropriations. TITLE XXXI—MOUNTAIN PARK MASTER CONSERVANCY DISTRICT, OKLAHOMA Sec. 3101. Payment by Mountain Park Master Conservancy District. Sec. 3102. Reschedule of repayment obligation. TITLE XXXII—SOUTH DAKOTA PRESERVATION AND RESTORATION TRUST Subpart A—Biological Diversity Trust Sec. 3201. South Dakota biological diversity trust. Subpart B—Wetland Habitat Restoration Program Sec. 3202. Definitions. Sec. 3203. Wetland trust. Sec. 3204. Authorization of appropriations. TITLE XXXIII—ELEPHANT BUTTE IRRIGATION DISTRICT, NEW MEXICO Sec. 3301. Transfer. Sec. 3302. Limitation. Sec. 3303. Efiect of Act on other laws. TITLE XXXIV—CENTRAL VALLEY PROJECT IMPROVEMENT ACT Sec. 3401. Short title. Sec. 3402. Purposes.