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106 STAT. 5008 PUBLIC LAW 102-586 —NOV. 4, 1992 " (E) Developing and adopting policies to prohibit gender bias in placement and treatment and establishing programs to ensure that female youth have access to the full range of health and mental health services, treatment for physical or sexual assault and abuse, self defense instruction, education in parenting, education in general, and other training and vocational services. "(F) Establisning and operating, either directly or by contract or arrangement with a public agency or other appropriate private nonprofit organization (other than an agency or organization that is responsible for licensing or certifying out-of-home care services for youth), a State ombudsman office for children, youth, and families to investigate and resolve complaints relating to action, inaction, or decisions of providers of out-of-home care to children and youth (including secure detention and correctional facilities, residential care facilities, public agencies, and social service agencies) that may adversely affect the health, safety, welfare, or rights of resident children and youth. "(G) Developing and adopting policies and programs designed to remove, where appropriate, status ofiTenders from the jurisdiction of the juvenile court to prevent the placement in secure detention facilities or secure correctional facilities of juveniles who are nonoffenders or who are charged with or who have committed offenses that would not be criminal if committed by an adult. "(H) Developing and adopting policies and programs designed to serve as alternatives to suspension and expulsion from school. "(I) Increasing aftercare services for juveniles involved in the justice system by establishing programs and developing and adopting policies to provide comprehensive health, mental health, education, and vocational services and services that preserve and strengthen the families of such juveniles. " (J) Developing and adopting policies to establish— "(i) a State administrative structure to coordinate program and fiscal policies for children who have emotional and behavioral problems and their families among the major child serving systems, including schools, social services, health services, mental health services, and the juvenile justice system; and "(ii) a statewide case review system, "PART F—TREATMENT FOR JUVENILE OFFENDERS WHO ARE VICJTIMS OF CHILD ABUSE OR NEGLECT "DEFINITION 42 USC 5667d. "SEC. 287. For the purposes of this part, the term 'juvenile' means a person who is less tnan 18 years of age. "AUTHORITY TO MAKE GRANTS 42 USC 5667d-i. "SEC. 287A. The Administrator, in consultation with the Secretary of Health and Human Services, shall make grants to public