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106 STAT. 5024 PUBLIC LAW 102-586—NOV. 4, 1992

    • (B) responding to youth who are showing effects of

sexual abuse and assault; and

    • (C) agency-wide strategies for working with runawav

and homeless youth who have been sexually victimized; "(7) innovative methods of developing resources that enhance the establishment or operation of runaway and homeless youth centers; (8) training for runaway youth and homeless youth, and staff tr£uning, related to preventing and obtaining treatment for infection by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV); "(9) increasing access to health care (including mental health care) for runaway youth and homeless youth; and '*(10) increasing access to education for runaway youth and homeless youth. "(c) In selecting among applicants for grants under subsection (a), the Secretary shall give priority to appncants who have experience working with runaway youth or homeless youth. "TEMPORARY DEMONSTRATION PROJECTS TO PROVIDE SERVICES TO YOUTH IN RURAL AREAS 42 USC 5714-24. «SEC. 344. (a)(1) With funds appropriated under section 385(c), the Secretary may make |;rants on a competitive basis to States, localities, and private entities (and combinations of such entities) to provide services (including transportation) authorized to be provided under part A, to runaway and homeless youth in rural areas. "(2)(A) Each grant made under paragraph (1) may not exceed $100,000. "(B) In each fiscal year for which funds are appropriated to carry out this section, grants shall be made under paragraph (1) to eligible applicants to carry out projects in not fewer than 10 States. "(C) Not more than 2 grants may be made under paragraph (1) in each fiscal year to carry out projects in a particular State. "(3) Each eligible applicant that receives a grant for a fiscal year to carry out a project under this section shall have priority to receive a grant for the subsequent fiscal year to carry out a project under this section. "(b) To be eligible to receiye a grant under subsection (a), an applicant shall— "(1) submit to the Secretary an application in such form and containing such information and assurances as the Secretary may require by rule; and "(2) propose to carry out such project in a geographical area that— "(A) has a population under 20,000; "(B) is located outside a Standard Metropolitan Statistic£d Area; and "(C) agree to provide to the Secretary an annual report identifying— "u) the number of runaway and homeless youth who receive services under the project carried out by the applicant; "(ii) the types of services authorized under part A that were needed by, but not provided to, such youth in the geographical area served by the project; "(iii) the reasons the services identified under clause (ii) were not provided by the project; and