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106 STAT. 5032 PUBLIC LAW 102-586—NOV. 4, 1992 so that communities can establish multidisciplinary programs that respond to child abuse; "(ii) demonstrate the ability of the applicant to operate successfully a multidisciplinary dbild abuse program or provide training to allow oUiers to do so; and "(iii) state the annual cost of the proposal and a breakdown of those costs. "(B) CONTENT OF MANAGEMENT PLAN.— A management plan described in paragraph (3)(A) shall— "(i) outline the basic activities expected to be performed; "(ii) describe the entities that will conduct the basic activities; "(iii) establish the period of time over which the basic activities will take place; and "(iv) define the overall program management and direction by— "(I) identifying managerial, organizational, and administrative procedures and responsibilities; "(11) demonstrating how implementation and monitoring of the progress of the children's advocacy program after receipt of funding will be achieved; and "(III) providing sufficient rationale to support the costs of the plan. "(4) SELECTION OF PROPOSALS. — "(A) COMPETITIVE BASIS.— Proposals shall be selected under this section on a competitive basis. "(B) CRITERIA.— The Administrator, in coordination with the Director, shall select proposals for funding that— "(i) best result in developing and establishing multidisciplincuy programs that respond to child abuse by assisting, training, and teaching community agencies and professionals called upon to respond to child abuse cases; "(ii) assist in resolving problems that may occur during the development, operation, and implementation of a multidisciplinary program that responds to child abuse; and "(iii) carry out the objectives developed by the Board under subsection (e)(2)(A); "(C) to the greatest extent possible and subject to available appropriations, ensure that at least 1 applicant is selected from each of the 4 census regions of the country; and "(D) otherwise best carry out the purposes of this section. "(5) FUNDING OF PROGRAM. — From amounts made available in separate appropriation Acts, the Administrator shall provide to each grant recipient the financial and technical assistance and other incentives that are necessary and appropriate to carry out this section. "(6) COORDINATION OF EFFORT.—In order to carry out activities that are in the best interests of abused and neglected children, a grant recipient shall consult with other grant recipi-