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PUBLIC LAW 102-587—NOV. 4, 1992 106 STAT. 5063 "(B) the types of marine mammal tissues and analyses necessary to assist in diagnosing causes of unusual mortality events; "(C) training, mobilization, and utilization procedures for available personnel, facilities, and other resources necessary to conduct a rapid and effective response to unusual mortaUty events; and

    • (D) such requirements as are necessary to—

"(i) minimize death of marine mammals in the wild and provide appropriate care of marine mammals during an unusual mortality event; (ii) assist in identifying the cause or causes of an unusual mortality event; "(iii) determine the effects of an unusual mortality event on the size estimates of the affected populations of marine mammals; and

    • (iv) identify any roles played in an unusual

mortality event by physical, chemical, and biological factors, including contaminants. "(c) ONSITE COORDINATORS.— "(1) DESIGNATION.— "(A) The Secret£ury shall, in consultation with the Secretary of the Interior, designate one or more Onsite Coordinators for an unusual mortality event, who shall make immediate recommendations to the stranding network participants on how to proceed with response activities. "(B) An Onsite Coordinator so designated shall be one - or more appropriate Regional Directors of the National Marine Fisheries Service or the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, or their designees.

    • (C) If, because of the wide geographic distribution,

multiple species of marine mammals involved, or magnitude of an unusual mortality event, more than one Onsite Coordinator is designated, the Secretary shall, in consultation with the Secretary of the Interior, designate which of the Onsite Coordinators shall have primary responsibility with respect to the event. "(2) FUNCTIONS. — "(A) An Onsite Coordinator designated under this subsection shall coordinate and direct the activities of all persons responding to an unusual mortality event in accordance with the contingency plan issued under subsection (b), except that— "(i) with respect to any matter that is not covered by the contingency plan, an Onsite Coordinator shall use his or her best professional judgment; and "(ii) the contingency plan may be temporarily modified by an Onsite Coordinator, consulting as expeditiously as possible with the Secretary, the Secretary of the Interior, and the unusual mortality event working group. "(B) An Onsite Coordinator may delegate to any qualified person authority to act as an Onsite Coordinator under this title.