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PUBLIC LAW 102-575—OCT. 30, 1992 106 STAT. 4611 however. That the cost of such study shall be reallocated proportionate with project purposes in the event any conv^ance alternative is subsequently authorized and constructed. Within its available funds, the United States Geological Survey is directed to consult with the District in the preparation of the study identified in paragraph (5)(A)(i). (6) COMPLETION OF DIAMOND FORK SYSTEM.—(A) Of the amounts authorized to be appropriated under section 201, $69,000,000 shall be avcdlable to complete construction of the Diamond Fork System. (B) In lieu of construction by the Secretary, the facilities specified in paragraph (A) shall be constructed by the District under the program guidelines authorized by Drainage Facilities and Minor Construction Act (Act of June 13, 1956, 70 Stat. 274, 43 U.S.C. 505). The sixty-day congressional notification of the Secretary's intent to use the Drainage Facilities and Minor Construction Act program is hereby waived with respect to construction of the features authorized in section 202(a)(6). Any such feature may be operated, maintained, and repaired by the District in accordance with repayment contracts and operation and maintenance agreements previously entered into between the Secretary and the District. The United States shall not be liable for damages resulting from the design, construction, operation, maintenance, and replacement by the District of the features specified in subparagraph (A) of this paragraph. (b) STRAWBERRY WATER USERS ASSOCIATION. —(1) In exchange for, and as a precondition to approval of the Strawberry Water Users Association's petition for Bonneville Unit water, the Secretary, after consultation with the Secretary of Agriculture, shall impose conditions on such approval so as to ensure that the Strawberry Water Users Association shall manage and devel(^ the lands referred to in subparagraph 4(e)(l)(A) of the Act of October 31, 1988 (102 Stat. 2826, 2828) in a manner compatible with the management and improvement of adjacent Federal lands for wildlife purposes, natural values, and recreation. (2) The Secretary of Agriculture and the Secretary shall not permit commercial or other development of Federal lands within sections 2 and 13, T. 3 S., R. 12 W., and sections 7 and 8, T. 3 S., R. 11 W., Uintoh Special Meridian. Such Federal lands shall be rehabilitoted pursuant to subsection 4(f) of the Act of October 31, 1988 (102 Stot. 2826, 2828) and hereafter managed and improved for wildlife purposes, natural values, and recreation consistent with the Uinto National Forest Land and Natural Resource Management Plan. This restriction shall not apply to the 95 acres referred to in the first sentence of subparagraph 4(e)(l)(A) of the Act of October 31, 1988 (102 Stot. 2826, 2828), valid existing righto, or to uses of such Federal lands by the Secretary of Agriculture or the Secretary for public purposes. (c) The Secretary is authorized to utilize any unexpended budget authority provided in title II and such funds as may be provided by the Commission for fish and wildlife purposes, to provide 65 percent Federal share pursuant to section 204, of engineering, design, and construction of Hatehtown d£un in Garfield Coimty and associated facilities to deliver supplemental project water from Hatehtown dam. The District shall estoblish a viable minimum conservation pool in Hatehtown dam and shall ensure maintenance