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PUBLIC LAW 102-587—NOV. 4, 1992 106 STAT. 5097 SEC. 7105. WILDLIFE PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM. 16 USC 3744. (a) IN GENERAL.— The Secretary shall provide the amounts available in the Fund to designated State agencies on a matching basis to assist in carndng out wildlife conservation and appreciation projects that are elijdble under subsection (b) of this section. (b) ELIGIBLE PROJECTS.— The following wildlife conservation and appreciation projects shall be eligible for matching funds from the Fund: (1) inventory of fish and wildlife species; (2) determination and monitoring of the size, range and distribution of populations of fish and wildlife species; (3) identification of the extent, condition, and location of the significant habitats of fish and wildlife species; (4) identification of the significant problems that may adversely affect fish and wildlife species and their significant habitats; (5) actions to conserve fish and wildlife species and their habitats; and (6) actions of which the principal purpose is to provide opportunities for the public to use and enjoy fish and wildlife through nonconsumptive activities. (c) PROJECT STANDARDS. —The Secretary shall not provide funding to C£UTy out an eligible wildlife conservation and appreciation project unless the Secretary determines that such a projectr— (1) is planned adequately to accomplish the stated objective or objectives; (2) utilizes accepted fish and wildlife management principles, sound design and appropriate procedures; (3) will yield benefits pertinent to the identified need at a level commensurate with project costs; (4) provides for the tracking of costs and accomplishments related to the project; (5) provides for monitoring, evaluating, and reporting of the accomplishment of project objectives; and (6) complies with all applicable Federal environmental laws and regulations. (d) LIMITATIONS ON FEDERAL PAYMENT. —The amount of appropriated Federal funds provided from the Fund by the Secretary to any designated State Agency with respect to any fiscal year to carry out an eligible wildlUie conservation and appreciation project under this section— (1) may not exceed $250,000; (2) may not exceed one third of the total project cost for that fiscal year; (3) may not exceed 40 percent of the total project cost for that fiscal year if designated State agencies from two or more States cooperate in implementing such a project; (4) may not be used to defray the administrative cost of State programs; and (5) may not exceed the State share of the cost of implementing such a project. (e) FORM OF STATE SHARE. — The share of the cost of carrying out eligible projects under this section shall be from a non-Federal source and shall not be in the form of an in-kind contribution. (f) EuGiBiuTY OF DESIGNATED STATE AGENCIES. —No designated State agency shall be eligible to receive matohing funds m)m the Wildlife Conservation and Appreciation Fund if revenue